Monday, February 16, 2009

Liberal Spending - It's just Legalized Money Laundering!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

As I have told many of you and written here numerous times, I think Mark Levin is the absolute BEST Conservative talk show host in the Country today! Period, end of story. With all due respect the the King, Rush Limbaugh, Levin is what us Conservatives need right now... A take no prisoners, offend anything liberal personality that is so dead on point day after day.

On Friday's show, Mark was talking about this ridiculous "Stimulus" Bill. He articulated the point I have been trying to convey about liberals and their spending that was so dead on, so simplistic that I thought this is exactly what I have been trying to say for years...

The point being that the liberals spending is nothing more than legalized money laundering... Let me explain what Mark was saying...

You see, the liberals play the game that "We are concerned" about all these social groups and causes. They claim to be for a woman's right to kill, er, uhm..., I mean choose, so the NOW and NARAL Nazi's are all on their side. They claim to be for education and the teachers' Unions, so the the American Federation of Teachers is in their back pockets. Ans so on and so on with every special interest group under the sun... And believe you me, the list of liberal special interest groups is notoriously long.

Then these special interest groups contribute massively to liberals campaigns so they libs they contribute to remain in power by agreeing to push legislation that they demand or else they turn the faucet off on the green

So, you see it is a vicious liberal cycle of money laundering to use the special interest groups as intermediaries to fund their campaigns, their lifestyles and keep them in power as long as they are complicit and continue to play the game...

It is a very powerful cycle to halt if you are a liberal, because the minute that you don't agree with one of their positions or you are not a good liberal soldier, your money dries up faster than a puddle in a desert. Then you lose your influence and eventually your power and finally your seat, so they can replace you with the next liberal skell who is more than willing to play along this sick game of pay-for play.

Now, I am sure, all the liberal trolls will say "All politicians are like that" yada yada yada, not just liberals..

To those I say, liberals have elevated this game to an art form. Republicans are so much less likely to have numerous special interest groups simply because the majority of these special interest groups are for liberal, leftist causes.
...So the next time your watching a movie about drug dealers or some other criminals laundering money, remember the liberals and ask yourself if the liberal money laundering game is much different from the criminal one...

My guess would be they are pretty much using the same play book...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


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