Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Libs Set to Spend Another $410 Billion!!! Where Does it END????

To my Conservative Friends:

The brain dead socialists in the House of Representatives have unveiled yet another massive spending bill today to "make up" for the cuts in Education, Health care, etc that President Bush made during the last 8 years.. And we all know W was not much of a cost-cutter!!!

Where does it end???

Now let's add this up... The TARP abomination was $750B, the Auto Bailout was $100B, the Stimu-less death sentence was $787B, today's bill is $410B and Barry has proposed God knows how many more Billions in his speech last night.

Where does it end???

And this is before Barry and the libs get to Nationalizing Health care and whatever other Marxist Plans they have down their sleeves.

Where does this madness end???

If you really were to be honest about the real costs of these "programs" and calculated the associated interest cost when we have to borrow this money, this little spending spree of our new leadership will costs us and our children and grandchildren several Trillion. That's right Trillion with a T, as in Titanic.

So I ask you, when will this insanity stop??? When will the madness end??? Is their any liberal in the White House or in Congress with half a brain that will say "OK, enough of this"...

My fear is no, there is not. They are either too dumb to figure it out or they don't care if they drive this country to the brink of oblivion to which the return to prosperity would take several decades!!!

The markets know this is a disaster in the making. The Dow is down over 10 percent since Barry took the oath.. They know it and their saying it loud and clear by selling and selling. And they come back tomorrow and sell some more..

You know, this economy is no different from a Company's budget or a family's finances. What is the first thing you do if money is tight and times are tough. The answer is obvious. You tighten you belt and reduce spending to the absolute bear minimum. You don't go out and spend 10 grand on crap you don't need with money you don't have.

However, liberals think that by increasing spending and increasing taxes, that the economy will be "stimulated". This is so ridiculous I can even describe it.

When will this end??? It will end when the American people demand that it end.. Maybe when inflation rises to 15%, the DOW sinks to 5000, people with wake up and demand our government stop the insanity...

Because once this money is spent, we won't be able to put the toothpaste back in the tube. The burden on our future generations will be so great that this country will be reduced to a debt-riddled nation so economically crippled that would make it very difficult to find our way back to fiscal responsibility...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike