Thursday, February 5, 2009

O’Reilly Factor must read GOPMike!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Nobody loves Bill O’Reilly more than I do, but I do believe he has been perusing this blog and then writing his famous “Talking Points Memo” on what he reads!!!!

Seriously…. If you were watching the Factor Tuesday night, Bill was slamming the panic button on an issue that I noted in my article back in early November before the election… The issue at hand was the Obama Administration’s plan to grant blanket amnesty to app. 20 million illegal aliens and how this would permanently alter the makeup of the electorate in this country.

Specifically, if Barry and the libs get their way, they will grant the citizenship to all the illegals and guarantee the democrats at least 20 million new voters and basically locking up a majority in the Electoral College for generations to come, in effect making the nation a one-party country…

The article I penned 3 days before the election on November 1, 2008 was entitled America, This is Your Wake-Up Call - Back to the Future... The article was, what I hoped to be, a fictitious depiction of what life would be like in the year 2012 under President Obama and it warned everyone that if we allow Barry to get elected, what Barry and the libs’ would do to destroy the traditional America we love. Specifically, with regard to illegals, I said back then:

President Obama passed sweeping Immigration “reform” which basically gave amnesty to app. 20 million illegal aliens and afforded them quickie citizenship essential guaranteeing Democrats millions of new voters to consolidate and maintain their power for generations… This law, for all intents and purposes, puts New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and the last strong-hold for Republicans on the electoral map, Texas more or less out of reach for any Republican candidate. This is the reason no known Republican candidate chooses to run since the game has been “rigged” against them…”

Some of you told me that article sent chills down your spine thinking what this country would be like in 4 years if the liberals enacted the change I was predicting they would pursue. And here we are just 2 weeks after his crowning and he is proposing massive entitlement spending to create a nanny state forever, and now here comes the Amnesty Train…. Choo, Chooo, Chooo, Chooo, Choo ChooChoooooooo……………………………….

Let me just quickly touch on this for a second. The dems want to grant illegals amnesty in the midst of the massive entitlement “stimulus package because when the illegals become citizens, they will immediately be “entitled” to “free Stuff” from Barry…..

Free Stuff…. Whooo Hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then who are these people more inclined to vote for, the party that is handing them your money or the party telling them to work hard and make something of themselves??? Why should they work hard when they don’t have to?? If
So, in a nutshell, Barry and the libs can say all they want that they “care” about the 20 million illegals, I don’t buy that for a NY second… They want to grant them amnesty so they can get their votes, give them free crap (your money) and then get their votes…. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat…..

Remember the liberal motto: Keep ‘em poor, keep ‘em needy, get their votes, start over again…

So I don’t mind that our Friend Bill co-opts my stuff once in a while as long as he would give my blog a plug on his show…

Just my thoughts…

GOP Mike


  1. Sounds to me more like some want to forbid certain people from voting, out of fear that it wouldn't be their voters.

  2. I just want to offer this, if we expect anything to change we need to get organized. If you watch Beck you will know what the "Bubba Effect" is (or as O'Reilly says "look it up"). I believe that a rally cry is a good first step to organization. So I came up with somthing that every American Republican, Democrat, Independent or other should be able to identify with; "R.I.G.H.T.E.O.U.S.!!!" this acronym stands for Remove Inept Government Hacks That Endanger Our United States!!! and if you do not agree with that you need to go back to were you came from or give up your citizenship and move out of Our United States!!! Because we dont want you here. So spread the Righteous word and lets get organized and stop this madness.


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