Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who is your Pick for Biggest Liberal Political Hack??? Please vote...

To my Conservative Friends:

Yesterday's article about my biggest political hack in the Senate of Chucky Schmucky Schumer get a lot of emails and calls from people telling me which hack is their pick. So, I decided to do a poll to get a scientific survey of who who you guys would pick...

The poll is on the top right on my home page and will go on a week, so we will see who is the most vile and despicable liberal hack in the Nation...

I had to actually pear down the list to 10, but, as you all know, there are much more than that that are polluting our county and need to be extricated from the political process....

I know you guys know all these losers, but here is a quick synopsis of the choices:

Stretch Pelosi

The ultimate unmedicated San-Fran Freak Show mis-treat...

Stinky Harry Reid Time for Shady-Oaks Grandpa - Your best days, unfortunately, never came....

Barack Hussein Obama
The biggest Sham ever perpetrated on the American People was the election of the emptiest of empty suits... American People-->> You may have already won a grand prize, all expense paid trip to "Sucka-Land"!!!!

Barney "Mumbles" Frank
Has thing hack ever met a sentence he can pronounce??? He is so incompetent, the Geico Caveman should take his place in Congress.... Barney probably would "like" that....

Little Dicky "Turbin" DurbinThis Marxist never met a tax he didn't want to french kiss....

Chucky "Schmucky" Schumer The media whore is the Tuchis of the Senate... (Thanks to my liberal Jewish friend for this term...)

Shrillary Rotten Barry has sent Miss Cankles and her diplomatic envoy to outer Mongolia to secure a trade deal with the natives... Jeez, Bill now loves Barry!!! Party at Bubba's - Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

Joey "Plugs" BidenThis gaffe_machine is now quarantined to bathroom cleanup at the State Department while Hillary is away... If loose lips sink ships, this guy can topple the Titanic!!!

Carl "Taxes are Swellin"LevinThose half glasses symbolize that this hack has lost half his brain, so he has to resort to being a US Senator... How sad...

John "Purple Heart" KerryIf this guy was defending this nation during 9/11, you could have kissed you're ass syanara...

Well, there you have it, so go and vote at the top of the page and let's see who takes the coveted "Surrender Monkey Bust" home as the Biggest Liberal Political hack today...


GOP Mike


  1. Hard to choose which is worse, but I have to go with the Boston Buffoon Bawney Fwank.

  2. With so many to choose from I know you had to narrow it down but I think you should have included Wexler. Schumer is just an idiot but Bob Wexler is plain evil.

  3. With so many to choose from I know you had to narrow it down but I think you should have included Wexler. Schumer is just an idiot but Bob Wexler is plain evil.

  4. Sorry, it is impossible to choose the top political hack! You need to add "ALL OF THE ABOVE."

  5. Yu da man!
    Luv the Obama Shot!
    Point of info- sort of not to happy with Chucky S either.
    I do see what you mean about the opportunistic way about him.
    Luved the Stretch Polosi sho.
    Hilary wasn't too bad either.
    You know what I say.....
    Bring back the Knutter for president!

  6. I'd go with Pat Leahy if he was on the list. But yeah, Barney Frank is probably #1.

  7. At this juncture the poster boy (and I mean BOY) for the liberal hacks is Barney Fag...

  8. Gotta be "The Banking Queeen"..Bawny Fwank

    With Nnzi Pelosi a close second

  9. Hmmmm, can we not get a lemming factor working for us here, as there are so many liberals in Washington, California, and Hollywood???? Fittingly, Calilfornia has some nice cliffs!!!!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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