Friday, February 6, 2009

You're Gonna miss Dick Cheney... (Videos)...

To my Conservative Friends:

Ya know, its so refreshing to hear someone talk straight with no bullsh-- and just tell it like it is… So many people seem to care what other people think of them that they couch, glaze over and basically sanitize what they want to say because they are afraid of the repercussions of what others would think if they said exactly what they truly think….

Now the bedwetting libs take this concept to a whole new dimension. Take Barry for instance, every time he speaks without an idiot-prompter, you can almost see the screeching wheels inside his head grinding away as he painstakingly thinks of what to say and how to say it as to not offend any group that he needs to pander to in order to keep them happy and needy, so he gets their support and votes…

I have said it many times that it must be so hard to be a liberal because you have to always be on guard because you are always trying to be PC in everything you say do and say… Conservatism only has one message that fits all…. If only we can find more articulate stewards of our message than John McCain.

This PC phenomenon that has gripped the nation the past two decades is what makes Vice President Cheney so much more enjoyable to listen too… The man could not care less what anyone, anywhere thinks of him…

Case in point, in a recent interview the former VP gave, he made no bones about his thoughts on the new Emperor and his gutting of all the hard work and efforts Cheney, President Bush and the law enforcement community have done in the past 7 years to keep us safe. Take a listen to the take no prisoners VP:

Two things to note from this clip. First, what Cheney said is dead on balls accurate. We have put in many, many procedures and created many new methods to thwart terrorists attacks and if we don’t continue them, we will open ourselves up to another attack…

Nothing wrong with that. I, as well as other conservatives have been saying the same thing for years…

The second thing to note is the “objective” CNN “journalists” unhinged hysteria at the “outrageous” comments of the former VP calling out the new Messiah for dropping the ball…


I love Dick Cheney because he does not give a hoot!!!! Here are some past great Cheney moments:

This was Cheney interviewed by Chris Wallace and asked if he told socialist Senator Leahy to go F--- himself:

The best part was not that he said it, but admitted it!!!!!

And here was Cheney undressing Joey Plugs just before the inauguration… Classic…

I equate Cheney to the man that we want on that wall, that we need on that wall like a old friend of ours:

We will miss Dick Cheney on that wall for his doggit determination to fight the bad guys and his blatant honesty and no nonsense talk.

You Ain't getting’ that from Barry and Joey Plugs….

Just my thoughts…

GOP Mike


  1. That's just it. The sissy liberals are afraid that if they say the wrong thing, and it offends someone, they'll start --in their own little worlds that they operate on-- to look bad and start to be seen as the idiots and lairs that they really are. Which we know that they are.

    Not that there aren't conservatives that don't lie. It's just human nature, but at least in most cases, WE take responsibility for our actions, and don't pass the blame on to someone else.

    Keep it up GOP Mike,
    Dane Shaw (

  2. Another government leech who wasted 8 years of the greatest nation on earth.

    Apparently conservatives only value is following he who says fuck the more times.

    Also gun safety & knowing what you shoot at. Learn it. Practice it.

  3. Actually, anonymous, liberal, soysucking person, conservatives follow people who don't LIE to meet their own needs, who don't blame OTHER people, and take responsibility for their actions, and don't put people below the great spotted, big eyes grasshopper.

    As for gun safety, GTFO. I'm sure you just LOVE guns. As for myself, I am military trained in handling weapons, and I know what I shoot at, and I practice it. Just make sure it's not YOU I am shooting at, bucko, because I won't miss.

    Pip pip, cheerio.

    Dane Shaw(

  4. Lie? Like the creationist NASA admin Bush appointed who lied in his cv? Like the "biological warface trucks" which were later found to be... trucks. Like their fear of the western, positive proof based, court system?

    As for blaming other people. Your exact next post is a huge blaming other people extravaganza. In fact every second post is. Liberals this, liberals that. Liberty is bad, the collective is good and all that.

    As for Guns.

    Gun loving liberal here, thank you very much. Nice to meet you. (suprise!)


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