Friday, February 20, 2009

Your pick!!! Biggest Liberal Hack!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Well, the votes are in and you have selected Nasty Stretch Pelosi as the Biggest Liberal Political Hack!!!

I was not surprised as Mz. Pelosi is one of the most vile, uneducated, misinformed dunce ever to be elected to public office, let alone the Speaker of the People's House!!! I mean, what are the dems thinking of. After bashing W for 8 years about his speaking skills and his intelligence, they elect the dumbest person I have ever seen lead a group of people in my life!!!

Have you really ever listened to this hack speak. My 11 year-old speaks with more gravitas and knowledge than this Marxist...

Anyway, here was the final tally:

1st Place - Stretch Pelosi - 39% of the vote!!! Congratulations you old bag!!!

2nd Place - Barack Hussein Obama - 22% of the vote... As he governs more and more and shows his socialist cards, this number will be sure to rise!!!

Tied 3rd Place - Chucky "Schmucky" Schumer - 15% of the vote. The more exposure this Skell gets, the more people realize what an unabashed political opportunist this hack is!!! What a Putz!!!

Tied 3rd Place - 15% - Barney "Mumbles" Frank - Barney with a respectable showing given the fact that he, in my opinion, is one of the key reasons why this country is in this financial mess today... Barney knows how to survive in the cesspool of DC - Deny, Deny, Deny!!! Thanks Barney, you hack-extraordinaire!!!

5th Place - Stinky Harry Reid - 6% - I think his soft-spoken demeanor confuses people that this hack is harmless... Let me tell you people - he is not....
6th Place - 3% - Shrillary Rotten - I was a little surprised Her Thighness did not do as well... She has been out of the spotlight while the Sham-Wow has been peddling his snake-oil/Stimulus, so I guess out of sight, out of mind... But let's never forget this cackling hack is always a threat and she can't wait to be back in 2012 to unseat the Messiah!!!

7th Place - 2% - Carl "Taxes are Swellin"Levin - This hack just doesn't get enough camera time to show people what a hack he really is!!! However, from the looks of him, we should be thankful!!!

8th Place - Less than 2% - Little Dicky "Turbin" DurbinThis hack is getting more and more coverage to expose his socialist leanings...
9th and 10th Place - Less than 1% each - And rounding out the Top 10 are 2 surprises in Joey "Plugs" Biden and John "Purple Heart" Kerry - I really don't know why these two absolute and unabashed hacks did not do as well, but I guess Sham-Wow has buried them deep in the corridors with DC red tape over their mouths!!!

Well, there you have it, Your top 10 Liberal hacks...

Thanks for voting and stay vigilant on the hack-alert!!!


GOP Mike


  1. I'm Disappointed.
    Don't disagree with your lineup.
    Still, I was looking forward to some new picture of Nasty, er I meant Nancy!
    Noted you changed the name of Hillary.
    Also, re Chucky, saw you changed the vocabulary from Tuchus to Putz.
    Much better word usage.
    I do understand the voters putting Obama in @ 2nd place, from a conservative perspective.
    But am a little surprised @ Pelosi as the winner!
    Just my thoughts.

  2. What exactly is a "Liberal Political Hack" anyway. Can you do anything more than name call. You're like a 13 year old who thinks he's clever, but isn't.

    "My 11 year-old speaks with more gravitas and knowledge than this Marxist..."

    Which brings up my next question. What specifically does Pelosi say or do that makes you actually think she is a Marxist? Do you really know anything about Marxism, or is it just another expletive name for you?

  3. Ooooh, Its Sheldnnnn the socialist who wakes up from his Barry Trance!!!!

    Hey Shell, how ya been??? We've missed ya!!!

    Little busy today to respond to your, but just google "Pelosi is a marxist" and you will get plenty of articles and evidence of her Stalin tendencies....

    Here are just 2....

  4. Hey Shell, I just noticed something ironic... On the right side of my blog is "this day in History" and today's post notes that on this day in 1848, the Communist Manifesto was first published!!!!

    What do you libs do on this day - Have people over for the big party to celebrate or just quietly give praise!!!!

    I'm just curious....

  5. Just as I had anticipated, a non-substantive response.

  6. Wow...My first time on here and I've seen the typical left moron spewing garbage...How ya doing Sheldon?