Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Barney Frank=Shameless Hack!!

I have said it here many times that the cause of the economic disaster is the Mortgage mess that gave free money to people who could not afford the homes that they lived in. This created a chain reaction in the economy that crippled the real estate, and, subsequently the credit market to seize up like and engine that runs out of oil.

So the question that needs to be answered is why was this credit granted to people who could not afford it and who was the driving force behind it. The answers are simple. Barney Frank and the Lib-Tards wanted the credit granted to low income and minorities so they could pander to them and get their votes. If there was ever a good, concise summary of the mortgage disaster and who was right and who is to blame, Bret Bair of FoxNews did an outstanding job exposing the lib-tards on their utter incompetence. Don’t just take my word for it; listen here to Barry Mumbles himself:

Man - If that doesn't sum this whole thing up, I don't know what does...

What I have just outlined is not virgin territory and I have covered this several times. The appalling thing about all of this is that now that is has all blown up in his face and it is clear that this has caused the economic collapse, the man shows no remorse, takes no guilt and has the audacity to blame everyone other than himself and his socialist pals in Congress (Dodd/Pelosi and the whole Marxist crew in the Dim-ocrud party….

Ya know, you would have to have no shame, none whatsoever to pull off what Barney Mumbles does. It’s like when your kid spills milk all over the floor and tries to blame his sister or the glare off the TV. Anything other than taking responsibility for his actions and apologizing. Let’s take a listen to Barney F—and his absolute pathetic excuses…

Why can’t Barney Mumbles just apologize for causing this mess??? The answer is obvious. The man has no morals, no honor and no shame. He is an embarrassment to his country and should resign with no cushy pension because he has failed his country, he has failed in his job and he is the epitome of why the country despises politicians. Now, our friend Bill O’Reilly has famously undressed Mr. Mumbles (Man that is one vision that will taker you some time to get outta you’re head…) on this topic. If you missed it, it was classic:

This is why we love Bill, he calls people out on their bull-sh--!!!

Between him and Stretch Pelosi, the libs in congress are the definition of incompetence.

So today, we put Barney Mumbles in our Lib-Tard Hall of no-Shame…

Just my thoughts…

GOP Mike


  1. He deserves jail time.

  2. Mike,

    What is it going to take for this economny to come back?

  3. Yeah, it all that simple isn't it? Blame the poor and the gay Democratic congressman Barney Frank. I could suggest it is much more complicated than that, but then again you are not interested in considering anything beyond your simple-minded world view.

    Ok, now proceed with your insult :)