Friday, March 20, 2009

Barry is the Master of Distractions….

To my Conservative Friends:

This AIG bonus "scandal" is the most insignificant, over-hyped, best planned ruse that Barry has come up with in his first 2 months of his Presidency. The feigned indignation of Barry’s inner circle and cabinet member is enough to make this Conservative barf in my Frosted Flakes…

First off, the amount of coverage this thing has gotten is so ridiculous in context to the entire economic situation. However, the media loves these type of stories where they can take a group or a class of people and just destroy and vilify them to the point of no return. It’s class warfare to the 100th degree by calling these people “evil” and greedy. Some elected officials have even suggested that these people commit suicide – Nice!!!!

And when the AIG CEO was on the Hill being grilled by, no other than Barney Mumbles, the exchange was, shall we say, typical:

Barney wants to subpoena these people and publically shame them into returning their bonuses. What a guy!!! Hey Barney, let’s focus on the real culprit of waste – You’re President!!! And to add to the circus show, Mumbles’ partner in crime, Stretch Pelosi is about to propose a 90% tax on these bonuses, so if the people don’t give them back, the government will just “take” them back anyway!!! Nice…. What is this Communist China????

Now, I understand, this whole bonus thing was not the wise thing to do amidst all these bailouts, but really people, let’s put this in the right context. The amount of the AIG bonuses ($160 million) is app. ½ of ½ f of 1% (or 0.00001) of the estimated amount of the total bailouts ($3 Trillion) already shoved down our throats!!! This is like everyone getting all excited about earmarks that account for less than 1% of the Federal Budget while everyone ignores the massive amounts for entitlements like social security and Medicare that are crippling this economy. Nobody wants to touch that stuff, nooooooo…. It’s just plain silly and to me, an insult to my intelligence.

So let’s save our indignation and contempt for the people that deserve it. This administration is playing mind games and controlling their partners in the media on frivolous things like the bonuses to take everyone attention of the real issue which is the abhorrent, gross indulgent spending this administration is engaging in.

Barry and his gang of Lib-whores are playing this country for a fool. And we are letting him get away with it.

Just my thoughts.

GOP Mike