Friday, March 27, 2009

GOP Star Michele Bachmann - She takes no Crap from Liberal Bozo's!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

It is so rare that we see a politician with no fear and the ability to call it as they see it without fear of the reprucussions. Republican Represenetaive from Minnesota, Michelle Bachman is that type of political leader.

If you missed it the other day, when Timmy, the tax cheat, Geitner was testifying before congress about the gross power grab this administration is pursuiung in trying to take over private companies, Bachman basically took Timmy over her knee and was trying to get an answer to a very simple question. The answer never came. Here was the exchange:

If you watch the entire clip, you have to come away from that and say this girl categorically wiped the floor with these 2 bozo's!!! I mean when you listen to their answers, they make no sense and the arrogant tone they answer her is pathetic. Here we have a woman who is vehemetly defending the taxpayer and these 2 pricks can't even give her a straight answer...

I have 3 words for that - Bachmann for President!!!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. Loved the clip!

    What liberals really hate about conservatives and particularly conservative women - is that conservative women combine intelligence and passion for their cause. They can't stand anyone who left the reservation of a liberal 'protected class' to succeed without them.

  2. hey mike,

    hope to see you back soon!!!!!