Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jim Calhoun for President!!! (GREAT Video)

To my Conservative Friends:

If you don't know who Jim Calhoun is, well, you should get to know him. He is the head basketball coach at University of Connecticut with over 800 wins to his credit. He has reached the pinnacle of his career and is one of the most successful coaches in college basketball history.

However, because he is so successful and deservedly one of the highest paid coaches in America, he is now a marked man under the new world socialist order under the liberals led by Barry Obama.

He was asked by some brain-dead, lib-tard reporter whether he thought his salary was "justified" given the fact that the state was facing a billion dollar budget deficit and he is the highest paid employee of the state. If you missed the video of the press conference, here is it for you to enjoy:

As I told you last week that Barry, Harry and Stretch are waging an all out war on the successful people in this country. And a lot of you poo-poo'd it and thought it would not affect you and thought it was hyperbole on my part.

Well folks, Barry and the libs all over the country are starting to single out the
people in this country that are the engine of our economy, the producers. Barry and the libs think that by handing out more welfare checks and paying off mortgages for people that could not afford them in the first place is going to, all of a sudden, spur these people on to great success and wealth, then he has another thing coming.

Yesterday, it was evil CEO's and their bonuses. Today, it is Jim Calhoun and successful head coaches on state payroll's. Who is it going to be tomorrow??? You perhaps??? The owner of the Company that you work for???

Whoever it is, rest assured, that the people in this country that employ people, create jobs and make the economic engine of this country churn will be on the list. And they ain't gonna be too happy about carrying the water for the rest of the people who want a free ride on their sweat and ingenuity...

Barry and the libs have clearly defined their direction and their desire to create a socialist state ala Soviet Union circa 1970's.

And we don't need a History Channel documentary to know how that ended up...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. "Yesterday, it was evil CEO's and their bonuses."

    Are you just totally out of touch with what is going on? The CEO's that most people are talking about are the ones who mismanaged massive financial institutions that needed tax payer funded bailouts to stay afloat!

    Man, try to connect to some actual news once in a while instead of relying on your righty radio shows.

    Think of it like this, Joe the plumber get a job putting in plumbing and toilets in a house. People move in, take a dump, and shit comes out of their kitchen faucet! Joe the plumber majorily screwed up, but he gets a big bonus?

  2. Once again Shelly misses the big point...

    Nobody is saying CEO's shold get massive bonuses for running their companies into the ground... They should be fired just like anybody else that does not perform in a economy....

    The point was arbitrarily singled out sucessful people that deservedly make a lot of money because of government's socialist views...

    But if Shel actually read the article, he might grasp the point...