Friday, March 6, 2009

It’s been 6 Weeks – The Market has Spoken!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Just over 6 weeks ago, the new President was sworn in and the Dow opened at just under 8,300. He has jammed down our throats a socialist spending spree unlike no other in the history of government. Between the $878B Stimu-crap, the $431B Omni-crud, and the multi-Trillion liberal-orgy called a budget, he has clearly defined his views on the role of government, his intentions and his true Marxist beliefs and desires.

The country listened, took it all in and digested the magnitude and potential impact of the One’s policies on the country and their personal economic situations. And after all the back and forth, the country, the market and our economy, as well as the world economy has spoke and said collectively:

NAH!!!! No thanks, we’ll pass!!!!

Let’s take a look at the Obama Collapse of the Stock Market under his watch:

Since the morning of his inauguration on January 20, 2009, the market has shed almost 1,700 points and over 20% of its value!!! Now that is change we can believe in!!! Way to go Barry!!!

Now he can cry all he wants about inheriting this economy and for most of the dim-bulbs in the country and the media it will work for a while. However, the market is fluid, fast and is capable of digesting information and reacting in light speed. This is why the market is the best leading economic indicator we have. It is not always right, but the smart money is saying Barry’s tax and spend policies are going to be a disaster for the economy… He owns this collapse now no matter how long he still tries to blame W.

To drop over 20% in just 6 weeks is significant because the market was already down after the October falls. This tells us the people with money to invest want no part of the Obama economy which penalizes the producers and takes any incentive for these people to invest in the economy when Barry, Harry and Stretch have been more than clear that they plan on raising taxes, redistributing wealth and create the Mother of all nanny states…

I agree with Rush that, although I am rooting for the country to succeed, there is no way we can succeed by implementing anti-business, anti-growth policies that only grow the government. If this is the course that Barry insists on going down, the quicker it fails the better. We can then run the libs out of power and get back to Conservative principles of low spending and low taxes to truly get this country back to where it should be.

Just my thoughts.

GOP Mike