Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Favorite 3 Commercials...

To my Conservative Friends:

On some very depressing and slow news day we are having, we have been watching American Idol with the kids and forced to watch commercials that are so bad and forgettable that you really appreciate when a good one comes along….

So, I thought I would share with you my Fave 3 commercials that I have seen the past year:

#3 – Caveman – It’s my Mother. I’ll put it on speaker…

We have used this line more than I would like to admit. The caveman commercials are so witty and funny, we have no idea why Geico abandoned them. They now have the stack of money with the googly-eyes which is so predictable and not funny at all. Shame...

Well, all hail the Caveman!!!

#2 – ShamWow – The Barry Obama commercial…. Vince is great!!!

The Germans always make good stuff… Got that Camera-guy????

#1 – The E-Trade singing babies - Comic genius!!!

Tell me that is not hysterical??? If you don't laugh at that, there is no hope for you...

What are some of you’re favorites???

GOP Mike


  1. Funny stuff!!!

  2. I love the Caveman!!!!

    Funny stuff Mike...

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