Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama Putting all his Chips on RED!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

I really thought our new Prophet-in-Chief wanted to be a successful President and not some wild-eyed, knee-jerk liberal that never met a spending bill he did not want to French kiss or a tax hike he didn't salivate over...

Evidently, I was wrong.

I thought our new Messiah wanted to be a 2-term President that turned the economy around and not mortgage us into the oblivion with such ridiculous spending that it makes the New Deal look like the Early-Bird special at Sizzler!!

Apparently, I was mistaken.

Barry has really surprised me, because I thought it would take a year or so for him to display his Marxist tendencies and start throwing every borrowed nickel the Fed could get it’s greasy little fingers on at every social program he could hit with a dart.

He is acting like “Mush” from the movie, “A Bronx Tale”, a degenerate gambler who is not only betting his Presidency on the outcome of his new brand of “Socialism on Steroids”, but the long term economic health of every American for years to come… You don’t have to be a PHD or an Economist to honestly know what is the best course of action is in difficult economic times. Cut costs, increase revenues or do both…

For old times, here is Eddie Mush from Bronx Tale:

And what is Barry the Emperor doing??? He is increasing costs like a drunkin’ liberal and his budget is taking away deductions and raising taxes on the producers in the country. The tax increases are not talked about as much, because the attention right now is focused on the gluttonous spending that he, Stretch and Stinky have conspired to push through Congress to advance the most liberal social agenda since the New Deal.

Dick Morris made a great point in his column the other day, that Obama is hoping the producers in the country help him out by spending and investing in the markets and infusing the economy with capital. Is he smoking crack or what????

These are the same people he has targeted with a BIG X on their backs to tax the Sh-t out of next year. As Morris said, its like asking the hog to “eat up” for the week to get him ready for the Pig Roast on Sunday!!! They are smarter than you think Sir Barry!!!!

So, basically, he is doing the exact opposite and expecting the economy to improve… If it makes no sense to you, you are not alone. Newt Gingrich was speaking at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) conference yesterday and is taking the lead and laying the ground work for the Conservative opposition to this obscene spending. He blasted Barry and the libs for their proposals. The GOP leader of the House, John Boehner has also weighed in and is on record with his opposition...

Small demonstrations are slowly starting around the country with Americans taking to the streets to protest Barry and the libs’ spending spree with could bankrupt the country.

You could almost feel in your bones that this is not going to work for Barry. He is slowing losing support and the markets have spoken pretty loud and clear since his inauguration (down over 15%) that they are extremely pessimistic that massive spending on every social program under the sun when we have no money and revenues are decreasing is harmful to the economy. They are taking cover and taking their money with them…

Will Barry wake up and listen??? Evidently not, because he’s pushed all our chips into the middle of the Economic Roulette table and said “let it ride on RED”.

As in “In the RED!!!!

Just my thoughts….

GOP Mike