Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stretch Pelosi's Greatest Hits!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

Nasty “Stretch” Pelosi may, very well, be the Dumbest Woman Alive....

If I wanted to, I cold write an article everyday about the latest stupid comment made by, gasp…, the Speaker of the House, Nasty Stretch Pelosi. I am amazed this woman ever got elected because she simply can’t speak a coherent, intelligent sentence without making a complete ass out her herself and embarrassing the nation that this dolt is one of the top elected officials in the country.

Even when she does manage to string a few consonants and words together, what comes out of that hols is utterly mind-blowing!!!

And to think, the libs even dared to suggest Sarah P. was not intelligent enough to be VP??? Hey Lib-Tards – The quasi-leader of your party is so dumb, when you give her a penny for her thoughts, you get change….

Here are some of my fave Pe-lose-y moments:

Who could forget the 500 Million jobs lost in a month:

I think Stretch has been working with Glue too much!!!

Here is Queen Dolt stammering on STD's in the Stimu-Crap bill...

Jeeeze, when her IQ hits 50, she should sell!!

Here is her explaining Gas prices - Obviously math is not her strong suit!!!

Man O' Man, it must take her an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes!!!

Here, even Liberal Tom Broken-Jaw exposes here idiocy...

Boy.... The gates are down, the lights are flashin', but that train Ain't comin'!!!

And I could go on and on and on, because whenever this women opens her mouth she proves how woefully misinformed and uneducated she is. It really is embarrassing with all the sharp articulate women in congress, that the lib-tards would choose this dimmest of dim-bulbs to lead their party.

As a Conservative, I would not normally care who the socialists choose to run their party, but the Speaker of the House is a prominent position that is a little too close to the Oval office for the likes of Stretch to be anywhere near...
Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. There is no truth to the rumor that Nancy Pelosi won the 1958 Baltimore Miss Greaseball pageant.....she was 2nd runner-up

    Robbins Mitchell

  2. "There is no truth to the rumor that Nancy Pelosi won the 1958 Baltimore Miss Greaseball pageant.....she was 2nd runner-up"

    And she was the only entrant.

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