Monday, July 27, 2009

NObama - Stupidly is as Stupidly Does!!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

I'm Baaaack!!!!

Man, I have been really busy and working hard while I watch the country sleep-walking and going their merry ways while the most unprepared, unqualified liberal panty-waste of a President tries to destroy the very fabric of our country!!!

Well, I think the country is starting to snap out of its doldrums and wouldn't you know it would be a race issue that wakes the country out of it's coma!!! Sure, the Health care bill is a good landmine for Barry, Stretch and Body Reid to falter and flail around with but a good race debate is all Barry needed to show his true colors as a closet racist who truly dislikes the country he was elected to lead....

For someone as slick as Barry to even weigh in on a matter after HE said that he did not have all the facts is staggering... In case you missed what Barry said about the Cambridge Police Officer who was doing his job by being berated by a washed up 60's race-baiter, here it was:

Now that the President of the United States has, without admittedly knowing the facts, calls a law enforcement professional "Stupid", lets see the actual police report to see what really happened:

Just click HERE to see the Police report filed by Officer James Crowly.

Now any clear thinking, fair American will realize who the real racist is in this scenario. It is quite clear that the "Professor" is a two-bit race-hustler who is always looking for a fight, always looking for someone to bully and cry "racist"!!!! Only this time, he came across the wrong person who would not be bullied, would not be intimidated and who would not waver.

We should all stand behind Officer Crowly and the entire Cambridge Police department for doing their job, even though there will always be a part of this country that thinks their racist or practice racial profiling. These officers are all proud, hard working Americans who should be appreciated and lauded.

And sadly enough, there is a percentage of this country that thinks police act "Stupidly"... And we know who leads this group.

Mr. Obama, welcome to the beginning of the end for you....

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


  1. Wellcome Back!!! Keep it comming...

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