Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Purple Pant Suit goes Pallistic!!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

We'll I just had to chime in here on one of my favorite Liberal Punching Bags, Mz. Shrillary Cankles!!!

Did you catch her press conference where the Pant-Suited Diva with a HUUUUGE chip on her shoulder went nuts on a African press person who had her question mangled by the translator???

The translator meant to ask what President Obama thought about some meaningless African issue when she accidentally said President Clinton.... Well Mz. Shrill did not take too kindly to the faux pau and her true colors came crashing through. In case you missed it, here she is in all her shrillness:

God I wish this woman was elected President instead of the Chosen Messiah who is slowing burning in his own boiling pot of Socialistic Stew!!! I mean every time this woman speaks or appears, she gives me so much to write about. I mean, she knew this woman meant to say President Obama, but she took the opportunity to trash Bubba... And right after Bubba gets 2 hostages released and is enjoying his birthday party in Las Vegas, while poor Secretary of State Hillary is on a 12 Insect-Infested Country tour of the African Thugocracies!!!! I am sure whatever Bubba does in Vegas will stay in Vegas.... Riiiigght!!!!!!

At least Hillary can look slimmer in those pant suits as she stands next to the elephants!!!!

You could almost feel the contempt in the woman's voice as she has to work for the man who crippled her Presidential dreams and still carry Bill's water after all he's done to her!!!! Poor Hillary... I feel for her.... NOT!!!!!

Oh Hillary, please stick around for your next appointment. Perhaps Nobama can get you an easy job, say a White House internship!!!!

Just my thoughts....

GOP Mike


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    And damn, but I hate Shrillary.

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