Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GOP Mike's Movie Review - Avatar - Liberal CRAP at it's SMELLIEST!!!

To my Conservative Friends:
Other than like-minded conservative blogs, I have seen no outrage, no negative comments, nothing about the blatant anti-American, anti-Military CRAP that is the new James Cameron $400 Million liberal love-fest "film" called Avatar...

This film is not just anti-Military/American - It makes our Servicemen and women appear to be ruthless, terrorist killers!!! The mean, bad, capitalist Americans only caring about making a buck, pillage and kils the all-pure, all perfect indigenous culture, the Navi.... I have not seen the lame-stream media (thanks Bernie Goldberg for that one...) once mention that this piece of crap is offensive in any way to our Military or our country... Why??? Because, down deep at places they don't speak about at parties, they HATE the Military and everything it stands for!!! They hate Capitalism, The HATE America!!! Period!!!!

I was sitting there looking around at all the NY libs in their glory as Cameron trashes the very country that has made him a wealthy man and mocks the very Millitary that provides the protection for his sorry, liberal ass!!! I noted countless digs and stereotypes that made the Marines look stupid, selfish and ruthless!!! And then some of them actually applauded at the end of the movie!!!! I stared them down and if looks could kill, the lib-tards would have dropped dead right there in their sandals and ty-dyed peace shirts!!!

The last scene actually has the victorious indigenous species escorting our defeated Marines in cuffs as they hauled them away like war criminals!!! I can't tell you how enraged I was!!!!!!!

Please people, pass the word around that this film should not only be boycotted, but it should be shunned and labeled for what it is - An Absolute insult to our fine Military. Cameron and the Studio should issue an apology and yank it from the theaters!!! Will that ever happen in the Hate-America world we currently live in, led by the man who hates America the most - it's President Barack Hussein Obama???

Clearly the answer is, sadly no... So my question remains is - When will this country wake up and clean the stain that is Nobama and his liberal co-horts from power??? I am hoping the time is coming...

We can only pray...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. What an incredibly stupid post. One could, using the same line of reasoning, say that Juno was pushing a pro-life agenda, but, funnily enough, I didn't think of it that way.

    And to say that liberals hate America? My friend, liberals piss me off too sometimes, what with their "everyone who drives a Prius is God" credo, but I have to say, they have a much more realistic view of America than conservatives do, for the most part. (This is coming from an independent, by the way.) The conservatives who cry that liberals hate America, such as Bill O'Reilly, are naive. They believe the U.S. can do no wrong. Liberals love America just as much, but they recognize it for its flaws, and try to improve them. If you truly love something, you continually try to improve it.

    I could say all your beloved Tea Party protesters hate the U.S., what with their slandering, hate-filled speech towards the President. But I do not. I respect their protests as a part of free speech, one of the greatest freedoms we enjoy in the U.S. today.

    I, personally, saw the film as much more representative of what the colonizers of America did to the Indians, which WAS criminal and brutal.

  2. I love people who claim to be "Independent" - PLEASE - Give me a break!!!

    Once you take off your peace shirt and sandals, try to get a clue on what the real agenda is with the Holly-weird crowd!!!

    And don't be embarrased by your Liberalism... All liberals are afraid to admit that they are panty-wearing, tree-hugging marxists who really have contempt for this country and the Military... So just admit who you are and you will feel a weight off your shoulders...

    You can then "feel good" about your politics even though it makes as much sense as Joy Behar on the view...

    But thanks for contributing my "Independent" friend....

    GOP Mike

  3. I find in strange that such an anti-corporate film would be so highly hyped by McDonalds. Did anyone at McDonalds see the movie? I guess that they will be cooking burgers on Solar Ovens in the near future.

    The contempt for the military seems to be very popular these days with the liberal elite. This is such a tired re-hash of the bad behavior that was exhibited during the Viet Nam war that it is sickening. Memories of Hanoi Jane Fonda come to mind.

    No matter what your political views are, you should have the stones to respect the bravery and sacrifice put forth by the US military every day and thank your lucky stars that there are people in this world that put their lives on the line every day so that you can sit at home and whine about the sad state of affairs.

    The world is full of really nasty people who do not have the "enlightened" view that most liberals profess to operate under. If you have never had to deal with any of these people in a face to face manner, you are not aware of how the real world operates and are just a timid back seater who would turn and run if faced with a real threat.

    Sadly, we are on a political ride that Cameron shold be familiar with. We are on the Titanic, headed for the iceberg of financial ruin, Islamic world domination and all the liberals can say if "Full speed ahead".

    It is high time for this experiment to be over and done with. Purge the government of every vote buying socialist and start getting this country back on the right track. Obama and his band of Chicago thugs need to be put out of business ASAP.

  4. Why must you inject politics into what has to be the most sensous movie ever made. Whatever your political views - park them at the door - and simply wrap yourself in the visual beauty of a world without reps or dems. Must you take all the joyfulness, creativity, color from the world. A movie is a movie - enjoy bathing your soul in the colors and (an amazing) diversity of life.

  5. Military? I am in the military and I didn't see it as offensive.. Avatar made it clear that the corporation used mercenaries... Some of them were indeed ex military, but some were not. And don't forget that there were scientists as well. Oh, and the hero was an ex marine.... Stupid.

  6. I don't think corporations having private military forces to pursue profitability is particularly American. Corporations (fair disclosure – I'm an executive at one) are multi-national by design. There is perhaps a Blackwater connection to get outraged about if you feel strongly about impunity of private security forces (say no to socialized security?), but the film is much more a parable along the lines of kicking the Cheyenne out of the Black Hills to get to the gold. Your outrage should be directed at those who would impugn the memory of Custer perhaps (as he stood up heroically to hippies in the way of progress?)

    Hey!!!! more cowbell!!!!!!! ;)

  7. I think some of you are typical of the "non-engaged", blah, blah masses that don't pay attention when the very fabric of our country is being insulted while they ask for your $10 - thank you very much!!!

    C'mon people wakeup!!!! Any honest assessment of this film would result in an amazing amount of material that is not only insulting, but downright despicable towards our armed forces...

    But as usual, a good majority of Americans, like some of you above, just yawn, ignore it and say, pass the remote...

    Exactly what the lib extremists (Cameron included) expect of you when they put this crap out there... Sad...

    GOP Mike

  8. "C'mon people wakeup!!!! Any honest assessment of this film would result in an amazing amount of material that is not only insulting, but downright despicable towards our armed forces..."

    No your simply reading too much into it and/or not actually watching the movie. I'm an Ex-Military man and calling this movie insulting towards are armed forces are ridiculousness.

    Last I checked our armed forces were civilian volunteers not private mercenaries as portrayed in the movie.

    Liberal propaganda? Hardly. At most its mildly criticizing private-hired mercenaries or possibly past European treatment of indigenous cultures which is hardly a hot-button current issue dividing Liberals and Conservatives.

  9. I'm an old school Southern Democrat, Viet Nam era white female veteran who got kicked out the theatre today for demanding my money back.

    I am NOT 'pro war' in any respect - my beloved Marine son in law just returned from Afghanistan 4 days before Christmas, while my pregnant daughter delivered his child during his deployment, agonized for his safety her every waking moment.

    This movie pissed me off! Marines killing other Marines! "Clan Jarhead", my ass!

    It was the old "Evil/Crazed vet" crap from the '70's, the only thing missing was "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning" but that would be too clever and unpredictable for this brain dead movie.

    BTW- they wouldn't refund my money!

  10. Southern Dem:

    Great comment - Very witty and heart-felt. This is what Military people I talk to everwhere feel about this abomination of a travesty!!!

    Thank you and your Son-in-law's service. We appreciate it more than you know...

    GOP Mike

  11. I agree with the marines killing other marines bit. That didn't make a whole lot of sense. I don't think there are any generals out there who would be that crazy. This movie was good just if you watched it for entertainment and not for the political views part. I enjoyed it. Even though a few times I thought to myself c'mon this is a little too much as far as the green movement is concerned. Along with the insensitivity of the CEO, the general, and most of the people there. Overall, a good movie as far as entertainment was concerned.

  12. Mike, you are again missing the big picture. The value of this film and films like this are immeasurable. Wealth and military might are tools just like bombers and ships. They intoxicate the human existence but not always enhance it. In "Dances with Wolves” when Kevin Costner went "native” did this improve or demean his stature? Was Costner's character he a better man after the experience or not? I think so. Did America "win" in Vietnam? No, of course not. That's because we lost sight of what we were fighting for. Certain fights are unwinnable and hopefully you will learn this soon. To me, it more important to win the "hearts and minds" than to win with might. "Avatar" is not anti-war and certainly not Anti-american.

  13. Although I appreciate your points, the "big picture" in war is obviously not to have to fight at all. And this is done only when you are dealing with rationale people with their wits about them...

    To win the "hearts and minds" of radical islamic nuts is not possible because they are not rationale and have lost all assemblence of reason. They are filled with hate and disgust for everything we stand for so we must fight them with not only might, but overwhelming might to minimize our losses of our most valuable treasure, our brave military. But I digress...

    The reason I find this film so offensive is because, it his subtle way, Cameron tries to find every way to minimize their intelect, compassion and stature... And we all should realize how off he is in this assessment...

    GOP Mike

  14. Well I am not American and nor do I have a vested interest, blue or red. So here it goes;

    Avatar is the most intellectually insulting 2-dimensional piece of politically schizophrenic pseudo-intellectual crap I have ever had the displeasure of having to sit through.

    It makes a shallow and poorly developed critique of US war-mongering and simultaneously fawns to US war-mongers with a middle American good old boy saving the backward natives with middle American good old boy values (and a moving speech - lets never forget the importance of a moving verbal declaration for Americans to be exactly certain about what they are cheering for - reference Borat at the rodeo).

    That the film is such a success indicates that the United States has lost its way. Not because of the debate around US war or foreign policy; but because such a weak attempt at reflecting this debate can capture the imagination of the ntion.

    If I were you guys, I`d stop talking about it, like an embarassing family incident.

  15. I think you guys are reading too much into it. Stop worrying about it so much and just take it at face value.

  16. I think most of you guys "get it"

    For those of you if say we are reading too much into it are missing the point... That is the exact plan of the liberals in Hollywood - to put out these "movies" with liberal themes while pushing their agenda. The sugarcoat this crap with special effects and good acting to lull you into sleep while they trash traditional values.

    For them, they accomplish their goal while you don't even realize you have been taken... Sorta like when you are sold something by a telemarketer - After you give your credit card, you say "what did I just do???"

    Wake up people.

  17. The knife's edge of liberal agenda. A seemingly strong attempt to further brainwash the American people and the next generation into liberal, tree-hugging thinking.

    At face value the cgi was over done along with scientific impossibilities and yet not realistically compelling. District 9, even though it has a very similar message, did a much better job of realistic cgi that you could believe.

    Avatar has a typical, predictable plot line that has been portrayed one too many times.

    The American people will start to wake up and realize that the Democratic party is taking the US down a dark road to ruin. You can't solve an economic crisis by throwing trillion's a borrowed dollars at it to sweep it under the rug. You can borrow more money to pay off debt. That is simple economics.

  18. "The sugarcoat this crap with special effects and good acting to lull you into sleep while they trash traditional values."

    Good acting? What good acting? It would not matter who the actors were. The dialogue was so poorly written that no actor could salvage it. Good special effects? The world of Jurassic Park and Star Wars, both made years ago, are much more realistic and believable than Avatar.

    Sugarcoated? The liberal message is clearly shoved down your throat. You would have to be blind not to see it. You would have to already believe that crap to not see it for what it is.

  19. I salute you sir for telling the truth about this movie.

    Semper Fi!

  20. Thank you for your comment docreport, and more importantly, thank you for your service in protecting this great country of ours...

    GOP Mike

  21. ...and divided we fall. The republicans already sold us to China.
    Paranoia, misinformation and gullibility should be the new right wing motto.
    Maybe half for Russia and half for China.
    Where your panties made?

  22. I am a liberal, but I agree with you that this film really is crap!

  23. If we take this film at face value, how will we be slowly taking a belief in liberal values? That is a dumb comment. This film was decent and I am a republican. It doesn't make any sense that because I liked the movie, that I am a liberal now. You guys need to not worry about it so much and start worrying about actual problems in this country.

  24. GOP MIke, you my friend are a fool!! You are what is wrong with this country. I'm sorry if I value every human life and not just White Anglo Saxon Christians. I suppose it does not bother you that over 100,000 Iraqi's have been killed since we have invaded their country on lies led by leaders of our country. This war has also cost our country 2 trillion dollars. So why your out there bitching about how Obama is doing nothing but spending unnecessarily, please don't forget that our national debt rose close to 5 trillion dollars while your hero W was in office. It is funny to me how the Republicans are suppose so morally correct yet you guys are the ones who are voting against health care and are so pro-war. Hypocrisy my friend.

  25. I'd disagree that Avatar is fundamentally 'liberal. If it has any peer at all in the world of propaganda film-making it can perhaps only be Leni Riefenstahl's odious 'Triumph of the Will'. My full review is here:



  26. Ha! I just happened to stumbled across this blog and it is absolutely hilarious... in the worst possible way. this cliche republican bullshit seems like something saturday night live would write to make FUN of conservatives. "the liberals hate america". do you think you're being clever or original? how many times can you say "sandal wearing" or "tie dyed peace shirts" on one page? i get it. you think liberals are "hippies", just like i think republicans are "judgmental bible thumping narcissistic hypocrites with no memory".

    you really wanna hate on avatar? hate on it because its an updated ripoff of pocahontas, you crazy hick whack job.

  27. Its fine to appreciate the movie for the hi-tech CGI stuff and even the sensuality. But Cameron did inject his political views into it, sadly, and the plot/theme: what a hackneyed, worn out, overdone story! It was Dances With Wolves Plus in CGI 3D! At every turn in the story, especially after Sully goes native, it followed a very worn script. Every nuance was predictable and happened like clockwork.
    Why couldn't Cameron come up with a more original story to go with the innovative tech stuff? Because he's too weighed down with his Liberal douchebaggery; he just couldn't resist. So as wonderful as the images were, the net result was subpar because Cameron just couldn't keep from adding the propaganda.

  28. Especially love the 20th Century Fox intro. Under the bombastic monolithic logo then appears:

    “A News Corporation Company”

    Yup. The same company that brings us this liberal propaganda is also bringing us conservative propaganda. And making serious bank with both. Now that’s American!

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