Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama and Homeland Security - A Sad and Dangerous Combo!!!

To my fellow Conservatives:

Ya know what I say all the time to my conservative friends about Barry - He reminds me of the kid in high school that was always stuffed in the locker and he was calming begging:

" Uhm guys, let's talk about this for a minute. We can reason together like gentlemen........................... Guys........................guys....."

This guy thinks he can mesmerize the terrorists by talking into his idiot-prompter and they are all of a sudden going to put aside their ingrained hate for everything we stand for because he's a good guy!!! This guy has got to get a clue and get serious about defending this nation from these animals!!! That's right I said ANIMALS!!!! These Muslim Terrorists are ANIMALS to the core and Barry thinks he can reason with them like they are another University debating team...

And his so-called Homeland Security team is as clueless as Barry is liberal... Did you get a load of what our Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano said this past Sunday??? Didn't get a chance??? Take a quick listen to the incompetence:

The system worked??? Ok Janet - If you think so, someone should run over to her and take off her 1973 Dodge Dart vinyl seat cover jacket she is wearing and replace it with a white coat from Creedmore and get the ambulance to meet the medics at the back door... Are you freaking kidding me - the system worked!!!

And when BHO comes out to read his dribble off his teleprompter, it gets no better... This guy has no passion, no urgency, no fire in the belly for this fight whatsoever!!! We are in serious danger as these terrorists know that this guy is as soft and can be rolled whenever they wish!!!

The man never utters the words great or greatness when speaking about our country. He never speaks of American exceptionalism. Never!!! Why - Because the man does not believe it!!! Simple as that!!! This is a liberal elite who really does not like this country - At least his wife admitted it. Barry hid it well enough to get elected President! Pathetic and quite sad for the 52% of Americans that elected this cruel joke... Time to wake this country up so a mistake like this is NEVER made again...

And then for him or anyone in his pathetic administration to try to say this was Bush's fault! I have some news for the lib-tards - This ain't gonna fly with the American people for a NY second... Anytime a lib tries to blame the Bush administration for this, ask them this question:

"Who would you feel safer with at the helm fighting these terrorist animals- Bush/Cheney or Barry, Biden and Janet with the velvet jacket???"

Case Closed!!!!

This guy's gotta go!!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


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  2. I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, but will be back soon to share thoughts and inspiration.


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