Thursday, January 7, 2010

As Joe Wilson said - He LIES!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

I would be remiss if I did not post the article from our friends at Breitbart TV that totally exposes that the Emperor has no clothes!!!

As the Lib-tards in Congress meet behind closed doors to hammer out the most invasive expensive expansion of the federal government since the new deal, conservatives across the country have asked "Why are such important negotiations behind held in secrecy when candidate Obama had said numerous times that these talks would be transparent, out in the open and broadcast on C-SPAN?" Don't remember he said that??? Well, thanks to Andrew Breitbart, take a listen:

Did he say C-SPAN????

And once again, the Messiah is exposed for the corrupt, vacant liar he is...

And ya wanna be more steamed, take a listen to the dumbest women on the planet respond to the question of why aren't these talks being broadcast on C-Span:

The fact that these Demo-cruds are yucking it up while they pillage our future is INFURIATING to ME and should be to all Americans... The fact that they have a known criminal tax-cheat in that disgusting Charlie Rangel still with a job is BEYOND me!!! This guy should be serving 10-20 in Sing-Sing, but lib-tards like re-electing criminals and incompetents while Obama loves tax-cheats, so the beat goes on in our nation's capital...

The only question is not whether the people reading this blog realize it, but the 52%of Americans that pulled the lever for this clown get awaken from their slumber and vote these corrupt asses from office, pronto!!!

10 months from now people, we start the process of cleaning the stain that has ceased power in our capital!!! And I will be ramping up my own efforts here to assist in the effort. Hope you join me...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


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