Friday, January 29, 2010

The Best Obama Lies - Which one is Best???

To my Conservative Friends:

In watching the Chosen One's endless droning on the other day in the first ever State of the Union speech which, ironically, never addressed the state of our Union, I was spitting mad at the LIES and distortion's the Bam-Man made during the address... Every time he made a statement, I found myself knowing what Joe Wilson must have felt when he yelled "You Lie!!!" to the Messiah at the last address of the Prophet-in-Chief to Congress..

I kept debating which of his lies was most infuriating. So, I decided to ask my fellow conservatives, which lie do you find to be the most egregious and enraging.

I narrowed down the list to the TOP 5 WHOPPERS that I found most maddening, however, if you have another, please feel free to comment. Without any further delay, here are my choices:

#1. Obama says Unemployment would not rise above 8% is Stimu-crap if passed:

As I write this, the latest numbers put unemployment at 10%. And this does not include the "under-employed", the people who stopped looking for work or the people whose benefits have run out. If you count those people, true unemployment would be around 18%.

Here is a GOP Mike tip for the Prez - Don't predict anything about things you know almost nothing about - In this case - the ECONOMY - Let's remember Barry, you haven't even run a lemonade stand before you were President. You have never had to make a payroll, sell a line of products, negotiate a merger. In short, you know nothing about business or the economy so don't pretend you do...

#2. Obama promises all Bills to be online for 5 days for public scrutiny:

Well, this one was really bad, because he said it about a thousand times and NEVER followed through on his promise. This was another reality check for Barry when he got to DC. Ya see, when he received the first bill to sign, he asked if we can put this online. His staff immediately started laughing hysterically and said - "C'mon Mr. President you weren't serious on that one where you?? We haven't even read this thing!!!

3. Obama promises no earmarks:

Well, after the $300 Million Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback to secure votes for the health care disaster, that promise kinda rings hollow, doesn't it???

#4. Obama promises all Health Care negotiations to be broadcast on CSPAN:

Well, after the Lib-tards closed negotiation to the GOP Senators and Representatives, you didn't think Joe and Mary from Redbud were going to able to watch the proceedings??? No, not really...

#5. Obama promises to close Gitmo:

Uhhm, Mr. President, last week was January 22 and the last time I checked, the lights are still on in Mohammad and Nasir's room at Camp Delta in Cuba... Reality check for Messiah - You were told it could not be closed - stop thinking you are smarter than you are and take some advise from the people who dedicate their lives to protect all Americans, including your skinny ass - Keep GITMO open!!!

So, please comment on which one above, or one that is not here, is your fave Bama lie!!!

And don't worry, I am sure there will be many more in the months ahead... Remember he's a democrat!!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. And no lobbyists?
    He'll be bi-partisan?

  2. he said it again today, feb 1, that he was awarded the MOST TRANSPARENT WHITE HOUSE IN HISTORY: by an "independant" organization
    is he eating tainted mushrooms from Michelle's garden?

  3. I'm angry that you are about ending earmarks. I would think that ending earmarks would make you rally for the "Bam-Man" because that would mean lower federal budgets and lower taxes. But, I guess the only person you can rally on that one LOST THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN 2008! I guess you don't like less federal spending and lower taxes, hypocrite.

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