Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama's State of the Union - Will You Watch???

To my Conservative Friends:

After the Earth-Shattering election of Scott Brown last week in Tax-achussetts for the drunken, murdering slob Ted Kennedy's Senate seat I watched all the lib-tard stations for their take and to watch them eat their own. I tell you it was quite entertaining. I watched the "handsome" Rachel Mad-Cow justify the ignorance of the electorate and I watched Chris "thrill up my leg" Matthews say the people voted for pre-meditated murder of "Health-Care for All"! Yes, all the DNC, state-controlled media stations had their reasons and justifications so as to not aspire any blame on the Chosen One or his policies.

But the best "head in the sand" moment came from the Messiah himself. While being interviewed the day after the election, he actually said the same voter anger that swept him into office also swept Scott Brown into office!!! Really??? He's sounding a lot like Bubba Clinton except I think he was inhaling!!!

Let's just look at the facts. Scott Brown is a man that campaigned SOLELY as the 41st vote not just to stop Obamacare, but to put the halt on the whole Obama agenda. He was against health care, terror trials in NYC, excessive Obama/Pelosi/Reid spending and just about everything that the Libs stand for!!! And he won in the most liberal state (Dems outnumber GOP 3.5 to 1) for the most admired liberal seat in the nation. And he won easily...

And I am quite tired of the rationale that Coakley was a bad candidate or any other justification the demo-cruds try to put on it. This was the country waking up the morning after and turning over to see they are in bed with Obama/Reid & Pelosi and saying "What the F--- did I do here???" The country is now wise to your game Mr. President and is rejecting you lock, stock and barrel!! You have time to run to the center like Bubba Clinton did in 1994 and fool everyone that you are a moderate and try to save your Presidency, but I think you are just too arrogant and stubborn for that. And even if you did, I don't think the country will fall for it because they have seen your true colors. They have experienced your lies, they know your true character and they don't like it.

So if you thought Massachusetts was bad after the NJ and VA repudiation of your policies, wait till November!!! Because the rest of the country wants in on the action to show you how much they don't like you, your puppets in congress and your liberal agenda.

So if I could tell the Spin-Meister in-Chief something, it would go something like this:

"You see, Mr. President, unlike yourself, the voters of this country admit when they are wrong and we like to correct our mistakes. So, come November, the rest of the country will show MA, NJ and VA that they are also capable of taking care of business and it won't be pretty no matter how you and your propagandist flunkies roll out to spin your failures. We will come out in force and start the process to take this country back from you and your liberal cronies. It has already started and it will culminate in 2012, when you are shown the door.

So, I will not watch your propaganda, your excuses and your justification of your failures in what you call the State of our Union. I know what the state of our Union is and it is not good. I know what you have done and what you are planning to do. It is wrong for the economy, it is wrong for small business, the middle class, seniors and it is wrong for the country. The jig is up Mr. President. The people have seen that the Emperor has no clothes and they know they have been duped.

So, unfortunately Mr. President, I will not be watching you tonight."

The only question remains is, will you???

Let me know your thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. I will not, the man clearly is a liar!!!!

  2. Absolutely not! Surely there will be something on GAC or HGTV that won't be a parade of excuses!

  3. Will not watch as I cannot stand his lying sing-song speeches.

  4. The man repells me. I will NOT be watching, even though it is occasionaly useful to monitor one's enemies.

  5. I refuse to ruin my birthday by watching TOTUS and POTUS tonight.

  6. Marine, I'll watch Obama and his leeches tonight. Like I learned from victor charlie and Mr. NVA, knowing your enemy is a sure start to victory.
    Time to Ambush these critters and put people who love this country behind the controls.
    Semper Fi
    Army Airborne Style
    RVN 68-70

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