Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scott Brown to Teddy - Go Stick it!!!!

To my Conservative Friends:

This guy is really making waves and if he beats the demo-crud Tax-achussetts machine, he should be given the Medal of Honor!!!!

For those of you who are not paying attention, A special election is being held in MA next week to fill the late, drunken Bum, Teddy Kennedy's seat. And if you have been under a rock the last year,the lib -tards hold a super 60-seat majority in the Senate and are about to Ram-Rod this atrocious health care bill which will be lie a stone to this sinking economy...

Now the libs have propped up some old-bag named Martha to rubber stamp the Messiah's agenda lock, stock and barrel and feel this seat is their birth right. But Scott Brown has other ideas... Take a listen to his response to moderator David "I am a lib pretending to be a moderate" Gergen:




and help anyway you can - This is NOT just a State-wide race - it has far reaching national implications and could save us from the Obama/Pelosi/Reid disastrous liberal agenda!!!

GOP Mike


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