Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GOP Mike's 3 Worst Politically Correct TV Commercials - More Liberal CRAP!!!

To My Conservative Friends:

Back by Popular Demand!!! The worst politically correct commercials of the year... As I have mentioned before, these PC Commercials really get me enraged. From portraying Dad's/Husbands like idiots to always walking on egg-shells not to offend any minority group is getting really lame and tired.

Many of you have emailed me your selections, but I have listed below the 3 that really annoy the sh-- out of me. Without any further ado, here they are:

#3 - The typical Dad is a Schmuck routine::
This Company is an Australian Home builder that can't help itself in portraying the Dad as an incompetent buffoon while the wife and kids are so hip and with it!!! C'mon guys, this is so played and old.

#2 White Men are idiots - Didn't you know???:
This portrays the white-business man as the schmuck who has the wrong network and the women/minorities in the clip have the fastest, most advanced network. Why can't just once they portray the minority as the one struggling and the white man as smart??? No couldn't do that in the society we live today...

#1 All you White folks are Stupid:

This one takes the cake!!! Complete with the idiot portrayal of all the whites and the black women who knows all. They even had the chicken-head shake when the black women walked away in victory. The only thing this was missing was the "talk to the hand" and the 3-snap in the Z-formation!!! Absolutely maddening!!!

Now that you are thoroughly sick of the PC commercials, I thought I would share 2 of the Ally Bank commercials that I love and throw political correctness out the window:

Here is the Pony Commercial:

This one is great because they portray the pretty blond girl as winning and the ugly girl as getting hosed... Very refreshing from Ally that they didn't reverse the roles to succumb to PC pressure...

And mine and my Son's favorite, the "Red Truck":

Classic!!! Very refreshing that they mock the fat kid!!!

I just might switched banks to Ally!!!

Let me know of any of the PC commercials that make you throw your Yoo-Hoo at the TV...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


  1. Last summer they ran a commercial by some sausage company. The supid husband is cooking the sausage incorrectly so his wife hits him on the forehead. I wish they would have shown him hitting that bitch in the mouth. I might buy their product.

  2. I actually disagree with you here GOP MIke. Actually I disagree with 99% of the nonsense you spew. To me this commercial says that Aleve is so obviously the right choice that even a black lady could have figured it out. The problem with you is that you are so close minded that this would never have crossed your mind.

  3. I have heard and read a lot about the dems saying that they would pick up votes because of the way the GOP fought back against the healthcare bill. Well Im here to tell you that Id like to thank the GOP for standing up for my rights if anything I wish they would have fought back harder so maybe the bill wouldnt have passed. So THANK YOU GOP. you will have my vote if you keep on fighting and dont let them pass any other bill if possible. My sujestion for GOP candidate is ron paul I would not vote for romney.

  4. Want crap? Anything that leaks out of a conservative woman's stinking snatch.

    Those feminazis would fuck ANYTHING, when they aren't raising dittoturds, or drowning kids and blaming black men.....LOL

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