Saturday, February 13, 2010

GOP Mike's Movie Review - The Book of Eli - A Hollywood Conservative Flick???

To my Conservative Friends:

I was told by more than one of my conservative brothers to check out the Denzel Washington film, The Book of Eli. They said it is one of those very rare Holly-weird films nowadays that actually doesn't bludgeon conservative ideals with a dull kitchen knife. They mentioned it actually has gotten solid reviews on other conservative blogs...

At first I thought - Denzel Washington portraying a conservative character in a positive light - Naaah... But the recommendation coming from solid sources, I decided to give it a try on a typically frigid NY winter night (Hey Al, where is the global warming now, schmuck???)...

The plot of the film is extremely simplistic. Washington's character, Eli is a drifter in a post-apocalyptic Earth where nuclear war (they refer to the event as the day of the "flash" - pretty cool...) has ridden the earth of all but a few filthy, wandering soles killing each other for food, water and supplies. Eli is heading west with the only copy of the Bible and is determined to protect it at all costs.

Eli is a master of the sword and kicks some serious ass along the way making Uma T of "Kill Bill" fame proud. Some lost limbs and some serious spilt blood are plentiful as he goes postal on anyone who gets in his way of protecting and transporting the Bible "west"...

Eventually, he stops in a two-bit hole of a town and butts heads with Gary Oldman, who runs the 1-horse town. Oldman sees Eli as a serious enforcer and recruits him to join his henchman. His ulterior motive is, of course, the Bible as he desperately wants the only copy to use to amass more power to control and lead the masses through its "power".

I won't spoil the ending as it is very cool, but the question I asked myself in the beginning is still a little hazy. Is "Book of Eli" a conservative flick??? To answer that question is as simple as understanding the overiding question of the film.

Is the movie mocking or praising the bible???

At first glance, it appears any movie that makes the Bible the centerpiece and a valuable asset would appear to be conservative in nature. I mean, the Bible is a protected, sought after book and regarded as important to many people in the film. So you would think - Yes - they are praising the Bible so it is a conservative film!!!

Not so fast...

The cynical side of me who knows these liberal, bed-wetting Holly-weird jackasses best also feels that by making the Bible such a sought-after symbol that people would kill and desire to have it to lead the "sheep" tells me that the Producers are mocking the Bible as an instrument for us "Jesus-freaks" who live in the heartland must have it to live our lives and would wither away without it...

So their goal is to make a movie to show us Conservatives as mindless robots who follow the Bible's teachings, while the oh so intelligent uber-liberal intellectuals secularists know soooo much better and have no need for the Bible and it's teachings.. Therefore, they are mocking the Bible, no???

In conclusion, I can't figure on which way to go here. However, from my experience, the good money would be on the mocking and not the praising...

Just my thoughts...

What are yours???

GOP Mike


  1. Great Job with this one!!!!!

  2. What do angry, bitter, morally diseased Reaganazis know about either God or the Bible?

    You hateful wastes don't even know how to act like decent human beings.

    Just some advice to Hateful, stupid, american inbreds: Stop abusing God and the Bible. The world is totally disgusted.

  3. I think it is conservative as it allows someone to be a Christian while killing and abandoning people to protect an idea, in this case, the bible. He leaves a poor degenerate girl who was part of an ambush on the road, and doesn't intervene in the rape of another woman, but kills anyone who threatens his 'book.' After twenty minutes I realized this is another example of the Militarized Christian. Not what Jesus would do, for sure.

  4. The Bible is the most read book in the world. Why wouldn't we try to preserve it? I don't think it's conservative or liberal at all, but, a story that should be preserved for all of history.

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