Sunday, February 13, 2011

GOP Mike's Top 7 Non PC Commercials!

To my Conservative Friends:

With the Federal Debt over $14 Trillion, the middle east about to explode and Barry Nobama still as arrogant and incompetent as ever, I thought I would lighten things up on this day before Valentines day!!

Some of my most popular posts are when I posted my Top 10 Lists. These always seem to get people's juices flowing and I get to hear your comments and suggestions.

As most of you know, I always have railed against PC commercials that always make their white-male seem like an idiot, where the woman and the bratty kids are almost always portrayed as the intelligent ones who have their act together.

I find it so predictable and pathetic pandering. So, I have given you my top 7 commercials that are not only funny, but they are all non-PC, which is what this country needs more of!!

So, without further ado, here is my TOP 7 Commercials of the year:

#7- My Daughter is Sick-

All of us golfers love this one!!

#6- E-Trade Baby Timeout-

The E-Trade baby always brings it...

#5- Corporate Theft-

For all of us who have been at these corporate ass-kissing meetings, this one is a gas!!!

#4- Not-So Extreme Makeover

I Love how this one mocks the HDTV crowd!!

#3- Found Your Resume

Another classic Office scenario...

And the top 2 commercials both come from Bud Light - When I first saw these two, I was laughing so hard, I almost wet myself. Very funny, very clever and just plain good.

#2- The Swear Jar...

This one just keeps getting better as it goes - Extremely well done with many good spots...

And the number one commercial is....

#1- Beer Drinking Porno-Guy

Now if you are not laughing after that one, your reading the wrong blog!!!

Well. there you have it. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together...

Please leave comments on your faves and I will put them in a future post of reader faves...

GOP Mike


  1. Dont forget that there is no diversity in home alarm commercials, except when the black cop arrives to arrest the white criminal.

  2. Yes, my friend, I think I gotta say good stuff to me and many more.