Friday, February 11, 2011

Sarkozy Has a Real Set - Wish our Prez Had!!!

To My Fellow Conservatives:

I have been saying for years that immigrants that come to this country should embrace this country instead of coming and sucking the life out of it while never accepting our culture and never truly becoming Americans.

My family came here from Italy in the early 1900's. They wanted to be Americans. They wanted to learn the language. They loved America and all she stood for.

Today, immigrants come to this country but never really come to this country. They never learn the language, most do not pay taxes and almost all never embrace America. I dare say that most of them really do not like this country.

However, just the other day, President Sarkozy of France had some very enlightening things to say about Multi-culturalism and why it does not work for countries to cow-tow to its immigrants. He went on to say that the immigrants should adapt to the country they live in and adopt their way of living.

Anyway, it was quite enlightening. Here it was in case you missed it:

Wow.... I wish our leaders had the Ba--s to stand up and say that!!!

But Nooooooo, we live in a sickening P.C. culture where the visitors are allowed to spit on their hosts and we have to say thank you, this way for your free health care and other goodies on behalf of the American people!!

It has gotten to the point where we are adapting so much to the immigrants, that we bend-over backwards to speak their language!!! Think I am sh--ing you?? Take a look at our New York City Mayor during the recent snow storm in NYC:

Now if that don't get you spitting mad, head on over to the Lib-Tards at HuffPost and have a Latte!!! Simply pathetic - no other word describes it...

As the great Bob Grant used to say - It's sick out there and getting sicker.

Just once, I'll like to get on a train in NY and not have to read a sign that reads "No-Mas Cucarachas"!!!

Just my thoughts...
GOP Mike


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