Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GOP Mike's Election Post Mortem - Assessing the Carnage...

To my Conservative Friends:

I sat in front of my computer last night and started this post.  I clicked on "New Post", started, stopped and started again... 

I froze after just 3 words and stared into a blank wall saying to myself, "What could I possibly write?"  What do I say to everyone who, like me, had such great hopes for this election.  What do I say to the people who felt, like me, that we needed Mitt Romney to win because we sincerely felt our country, our businesses, our families so desperately needed him to win.

I realized that this article is going to be the hardest article I have ever written just minutes after 57 million people that voted for a chance at a real recovery were just kicked right in the gut.  We have been struggling for so long watching this President demonize us, divide us and push his socialist policies that we knew were like a cancer to a healthy economy...

I was stunned.  I was sad, and most importantly I was scared of what this means to our country and leaves us lovers of freedom and liberty asking "Where do we go from here??"  There was never any thought of a contingency plan.  There was no thinking that this President, that has so utterly failed in every objective metric, could possibly be reelected...

I was wrong.  I was too optimistic.  I gave the country too much credit for understanding what was at stake.  I falsely believed that a majority of this country understands that freedom was on the ballot yesterday.  Freedom is what was offered by Mitt Romney.  Obama and his ilk understood more than all of us that in the choice between freedom and stuff, a majority of the sheeple will choose the stuff every time. 

As Rush said today, it is hard to run against Santa Claus.  Especially if you have to be Santa Claus.  Ya see the democrats appeal to the lowest common denominator of the masses.  They know its easier to just be Santa Claus and get votes than to make the hard argument that because Santa is broke, we may have to scale back Christmas a bit this year!  It will be tough in the short-term, but it is the best thing for us in the long-term.

Us conservatives feel that as long as we explain the economic realities to the people that they will understand that we can not mortgage our children's future.  We can not continue with trillion+ deficits and continue to exist.  We can not put our heads in the sand and ignore the reality that if we don't fix this now, it will be fixed for us.  And that will be very ugly!! 

We make that argument and feel that most people will get it and vote for freedom.  They then go behind the curtain and pull the shiny lever labeled "FREE STUFF FROM SANTA OBAMA"..

Obama and his crew know that by dividing and demonizing the successful people in our country it creates a resentment among the low and middle income people so they feel "Yeah - Screw those rich assholes - MAKE 'EM PAY!!!"

Us conservatives know that is a bankrupt argument.  That if you tax the pants out of every high earner, you can run the government for 2 months at best.  We also know that these people are the job creators, the investors, the engine of a growing economy and we NEED them to be successful...  Us conservatives know that we should never demonize success, but rather celebrate it and emulate it so you can be a success too. 

We make that argument day after day and feel most people get it and will vote celebrate rather than demonize.  They then go behind that curtain and are so filled with jealousy and resentment, they grab that demonization lever and pull down with a sick vengeance and feeling of gratification that they got their pound of flesh.

So that is why we are sitting here today looking at another 4 years of a President Obama.  That is why we are sad today that will will not see how a President Romney will go about healing this economy and getting us a real recovery.  I believe Mitt Romney had a chance to be a great President.  He is a good and decent man with many skills he would have brought to bear to lead this country from the depths of despair we find ourselves today.

Instead we will get more division, more spending and more deficits.  The stock market reacted by tanking 330 today.  How will employers react to Obamacare being fully implemented now??  How will the real estate market react to an economy with high unemployment and a falling dollar.  I can't imagine this will be easy times ahead for our country.

I can only hope that we can make it through so we have the opportunity to restore our freedom, regain our liberties and make the argument that our case is the best subscription for our country.  We must make that case

We must not cower to those who say we have to compromise our principles and sell out to those who go along to get along.  Our case is the case made by our founders.  Our case is the one outlined in the constitution.  Our case will prevail.  It must prevail if we are to remain the greatest country ever created.  In time, it will.

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike

Monday, November 5, 2012

Polling Update - 1 Day to go and GOP Mike's Final Prediction!

To my Conservative Friends:

Serenity now!!!!

I know all of you are nervous.  I know all of you are anxious.  I was that way for all the elections that I have been closely following as an armchair political pundit from the 2000, 2002, 2004 (especially), 2006, 2008 and the mid-terms in 2010.

And this 2012 election is, in my view, the most vitally important election in my lifetime.  And yet, I am the most calm and reserved about this election than I have ever been before a big election day.

The reason??  As I told my wife yesterday, everything in my bones tells me this President is the most corrosive, dangerous President that has ever occupied the oval office in the history of our republic.  And everything tells me that his campaign is so bankrupt and corrupt that he can not win. 

Romney's campaign is about what is right about this country and what has made us great (self responsibility, exceptionalism, limited government).  And Obama's campaign is everything that is wrong about this country, specifically class warfare, jealousy, resentment, handouts and more of the same policies that have this country on the brink of collapse.

But Mike - What do the polls say??  Ok, Ok...  With one day to go, here are the numbers for the only reliable sources I watch closely which are the daily tracking polls:

As of Today - November 5, 2012 (1 day till election):
Rasmussen: Romney 49%/Obama 48%
Gallup: Romney 51%/Obama 46%
IBD/TIPP: Obama 45%/Romney 44%
Battleground: Romney 48%/Obama 48%
Averages:  Romney 48.0%/Obama 46.8%  -  Romney leads by 1.2%
Just as a point of reference, with one day to go in 2008, Obama lead McCain by 6.4% and was at 51% average in the polls.  Ohh how times have changed!!!
As I have said many times, if an incumbent is averaging below 50%, that is not a good sign as app. 70% of the undecideds will go for the challenger.  So, with that assumption, Romney will carry the popular vote by a 3.4 points or 51.7% to 48.3%.  That would equate to a popular vote victory of app. 4.4 million votes.
But Mike, all the 'in the bag for Obama" media is claiming that Obama is still up in the swing states and could still win the election while losing the popular vote.  I say to those "journalists" that you are really deluding yourself.  Once the poplar vote margin exceeds a 1.5 to 2 point spread, it is virtually statistically impossible for "thread the needle" and win the electoral college while losing the popular vote by more than a point or two. 
In my view, based on my objective analysis of the numbers, Romney will carry a large majority of the undecideds and win by more than 3 points and the electoral college will all fall into place.  Romney will carry all of the McCain states plus the following states that we will switch blue to red - FLA, NC, VA, either OH or PA, WI, IA, CO and NH for a total of 295-297 electoral votes.
And it could be better!!!  I see Romney's upside to be a 6-7 point poplar vote (53-47) and an electoral total of 315 to Obama's 223.  A real ass-kicking!!!.  This would be an absolute repudiation of everything Barry stands for and a very welcome and inspiring historic event that would have the main stream media in an absolute tailspin trying to figure out what the hell just happened!!!
Now, I have further statistical evidence to support this analysis.  In 2008, Dems outnumbered Republicans by a 7 point margin due to the enthusiasm for Obama and the dim-bulbs.  He also won the independents by double digits.  This translated into a landslide of 7.4% (53.7% to 46.3%) and an electoral total of 365 electoral votes for Nobama.
Almost every single poll out there has Romney well ahead of the independents (some by 20 points or more!!!).  And does anyone think the dems will outnumber republicans this time around???
So, let's just assume that the turnout of Republicans and Dems are equal this time around (even though I think there will be a Rep+3-5 based on enthusiasm) and each man carries 95% of their party vote (although I think Romney will carry more dems than Obama carries Rep's) and Romney carries the Independents by a small margin of say 8%.  So, this admittedly conservative approach translates into this:
So even this analysis shows Romney will win comfortably.  If we are to assume, Romney carries more dems than Obama carries Republicans and Romney carries app 12% of the indies, then you can see why I think it will be a larger margin of victory for Romney.  That would translate into a 6% (7.8 million votes) margin for Romney.
So bottom line, I don't buy the polls.  Their methodology is flawed and skewed towards showing the Messiah's polling as better than it actually is. 
Just today, CNN came out with a poll that showed the 2 men tied at 48%.  On it's surface, all the casual observers (and the media) say "yeah, makes sense, I have heard on CNN the race is dead even".  And then move along with their day plunging their face back into their IPads and smartphones to download the latest brain-numbing app. 
The problem with this poll, they have a dem+11 breakout for turnout!!!  Does ANYONE with a half of brain believe their will be 11% more enthusiasm for Obama voters than Romney voters tomorrow??  Only if you are the most partisan political lib-hack this side of the Mississippi!!! 
The other problem with this poll for CNN is that is showed Romney winning independents by 22%!!!  So ya see, to get the desired outcome they desired, a tie, they had to skew the turnout assumption to show a tie for their guy...
So, in conclusion, I have analyzed this race from an analytical, poll/number crunching perspective.  I have analyzed it from an issue and economic bent and I have analyzed it from an anecdotal method by talking to liberals, business owners, friends and families to get a sense of what is going to happen tomorrow.  But most of all, I follow my gut.  And my gut tells me that this President should lose.  This President deserves to lose.  This President MUST lose tomorrow so we can start to heal this economy, heal the division that the President has created by pitting class vs. class, group vs. group, Americans vs. Americans.
Mitt Romney is not the perfect candidate.  He will not heal the planet nor part the oceans.  He's a practical, problem solver who loves this country and is supremely qualified to get the economy working again.
He will not divide us, he will not promise one group goodies from another group.  He will be the President of ALL Americans and restore our faith in this great country.
So, hopefully, at around 10:55pm tomorrow night, I will listen to Bret Baier utter the words, "Fox News can now project that Mitt Romney has been elected the 45th President of the United States of America."
Trust me, we all need to hear that!!!
Just my thoughts...
GOP Mike


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Last Debate and those Clueless Undecideds!!

Pathetic Undecided Fence-Sitters!
To my Conservative Friends:

The 3rd debate was pretty boring as it only had a few memorable moments but Romney more than held his own and had a few good shots.  The debate will not move the needle at all as that was set after the first debate which was a Romney knockout. 

The Governor will probably go into election day with a slight lead (1-3 points) and he will improve on that in the actual election to the 5 point win I have predicted all along...

I, for one will be thankful these debates are over!!! I have had it with the pandering to the ohhh, soo wishy washey John and Jane Undecided voter with their uniformed comments and their dials they turn when they hear some get-along crap that sounds so nice-e-nice!!!

Typical Undecided Voter
I mean c'mon people if you are undecided at this point you have your head up your ass...

These two candidates are diametrically opposed on just about every issue there is. So how can any person who is remotely paying attention at all be undecided at this point? 

Either you are for the individual or the state. You are for limited government and self-responsibility or you are for the nanny state Ala western-Europe/Greece. You can't be both. You are either one or the other.

So for these people to claim they are undecided after watching Mao-bama for 4 years and watching the pro-business Romney are either just plain dumb or they just like the attention of the media and candidates who fawn over them like Manhattan libs treat their kids...

And the networks love to put these undecideds in a room to watch these debates and gauge their reactions.  The uber lib-hacks at CBS, Sarah O'Donnell and Charlie Rose reacted to a group of undecided Ohio voters who saw things a little differently than the hacks in the lame-stream media.  Check it out here, it is priceless:

They both looked like their puppy just died.  I mean these people are so blinded by their love for their Messiah than they can not comprehend why everyone just doesn't fall to their knees at the site of Obummer's idiot-prompter!!

Ya see the lib-hacks in the media aren't even trying to even appear to not be rooting for their chosen one this time around.  They are so invested emotionally and professionally in this guy that they never take a minute to ask the question - "Has this Presidency been an utter failure???".

They have given up all journalistic ethics and have basically said, "we don't give a rat's ass, we are libs and we don't care who knows it!".

Oh how great it will be two weeks from now watching them try to rationalize how their liberal world has just come crumbling down around them as America hits the eject button on the social experiment that was Barry Hussein Obama!!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


Monday, October 22, 2012

2 Weeks out - Polling Update & Predictions

To my Conservative Friends:

Unlike 4 years ago when I was the one bringing you the sorry news that we needed a miracle to avoid the election of the biggest empty suit that has ever sat in the oval office (see the 2008 article here), I come bearing gifts and good news!!!

I have been saying for over a year now that Romney will beat the Messiah by 5 points (52-47) and carry a comfortable electoral majority in the range of 279-308.  In fact, this is the way I see the electoral college breaking down on election night:

Why do I predict this??  Well, I am a numbers guy and I analyze polls as much as Dick Morris.  I analyse their methodology, their party breakdown and everything in between.  If you remember at this time 4 years ago, this is the way it looked from a polling perspective with 2 weeks to go in 2008 and today:

October 21, 2008 - 2 weeks till 2008 Election:
Obama 49.9%
McCain 42.9%
Obama's Lead = 7.0%
Today - October 22, 2012 - 2 weeks till 2012 Election
Romney 47.4%
Obama 46.6%
Romney's Lead  .7%
Oh how times have changed!!!  The polls today are more precise, more detailed and the polling companies have really got this thing down to a science.  The two main polls that I have followed in the past and I continue to trust the most are the daily tracking polls - Rasmussen and Gallup.
As I have said numerous times in the past, polling companies that do daily tracking are more accurate and are better pollsters that the companies that do sporadic, one-off polls every week or so.
This is merely because if you do something everyday, you are going to be better at it than if you do it every few weeks.  So Rasmussen and Gallup are the ones to follow.  They have proven to be the most accurate and they are the ones to be trusted the most.  Case in point Rasmussen had it right on the money in 2008 predicting a 6 point Obama win (he won by 5.5) and Gallup had Obama winning by 10.  So Rasmussen was the most accurate (as they were in 2010) and Gallup had the winner as well...
As of today, here is how Rasmussen and Gallup see it shaking down:
As of October 22, 2012 (2 weeks till election):
Rasmussen - Romney leads by 2
Gallup - Romney leads by 7
So what has happened in the past 4 years that has really changed the game for this election.  It is a lot of factors, but the biggest ones are:
  • Romney is a drastically better candidate than McCain
  • Paul Ryan is a better, more experienced and smarter VP candidate than Sarah Palin.
  • Obama has lost a ton of support.  I think he has lost most of his support from white men &  married women who decided to give him a "chance" with the mindset of "Hope and Change" last time but have smartened up this time.
  • Let's face it, Obama has been an utter failure for the most important issue - The economy!!
    • 23 Million people still unemployed
    • 47 million on food stamps (up from 32 million in 2008)
    • Housing crisis still a mess
    • Gas prices have doubled in the past 4 years
    • Need I go on???
  • Obama's foreign policy is unraveling before our eyes - the strategy of "get them to like us" has proven to be a failure...
  • Romney has a plan and Obama is offering nothing more than stay the course as I drive us into the iceburg, hit reverse and back into it just in case I didn't rip the hull to shreds!
  • The country was historic by electing the first black President and overlooked his lack of knowledge and experience and decided to give him a shot - not again (fool me once...)...
So, my prediction for the past year remains.  I believe Romney has a lead of between 2 and 7 points and has all the momentum going his way. 
The country has had it with Obama.  They have had it with the class-warfare, the lying, the apologizing, the blaming anyone other than himself.  And most importantly, they have had it with the dismal results...  Romney had it right when he said to the guy in the second debate - "We don't have to settle for this!!!"   And we wont!!!
Romney will win comfortably and we can finally get an adult in the white house so we can start getting this budget under control, stimulate the private sector and get on track for a real recovery!!!
I for one can't wait for it!!!
Just my thoughts...
GOP Mike

Ideology aside, why Romney Must Win!!

To all my Conservative Friends:

I know my liberal friends (I have a few...) will read this post as just Mike being Mike and rooting for his team.  However, I have taken a real objective look at what will happen to the country if Obama is reelected.

Here is how I see it from a business owner, a citizen, a husband, a father and an American, no BS whatsoever here!!!

If Barry gets Reelected:

There is no doubt that the business community has no love for this President.  Business leaders from across all industries have openly said that they have been hesitant to hire, reluctant to spend and have an overall fear of this administrations policies, statements and attitude towards the business community. 
Who could ever forget Barry's speech where he went off-prompter and we saw a glimpse into his socialist mind about what he really thinks of business owners is this country.
Ok, all that aside, what will actually happen to health care, taxes, the real estate market and the overall economy is Barry is able to hood-wink 50% +1 of the country and cobble together 271 electoral votes to win reelection.
Overall, the economy will struggle mightily if Barry gets reelected.  Here is just a list of things that will happen if the unthinkable happens:


Barry will let taxes go up for everyone as he will let all the Bush tax rates expire and tax rates will go up for all tax brackets.  There will be no deal to raise only rates rates only on the rich since the GOP will control the house and increase their numbers on the Senate side and they will not allow it. 

So Barry will let the rates go up for everyone which is WHAT HIS GOAL WAS ALL ALONG!!
Effect on the Country - This will have a devastating impact on the economy as there will be much less disposable income for all Americans and businesses will have to trim down costs (payrolls) due to the sluggish consumer spending. 
Unemployment will rise to the 10% range again and this weak-ass recovery we have been seeing will come to a grinding halt as GDP will approach negative terrain. 
Barry won't care that this will shove the nation into recession as long as it enables him to implement his socialist agenda and transform the country into a western-european socialist haven.


This stellar legislation will be fully implemented as there will be nobody to stop it.  The SCOTUS abdicated it's responsibility on the unconstitutionality of the onerous legalisation and the newly reelected Obama will view this as full steam ahead to shove this widely unpopular bill down the throats of businesses across the country.

Effect on the Country - No fair-minded person I have ever spoken to (liberals included) have ever believed that by adding millions of people to the health care rolls and offering free health care will reduce costs. 

So health care costs will go up and go up pretty dramatically.  Yes, more people will be covered and preexisting conditions will be protected and kiddies can loaf in mommy's basement and stay on their plans till 26, however, someone has to pay for all this and it ain't gonna be the insurance companies. 

So premiums will go up as businesses in droves will drop health care coverages for its employees dumping millions into Obamacare!!!  Socialism LIVES!!

Real Estate Market

The market feeds on the economy and jobs.  And based on the above, those are going to suffer drastically under Obama II - The Sequel (Finishing the "Job")... 

So the real estate market will not flourish but will tank again under a second term from Barry...

Effect on the Country - So the real estate market will suffer another downturn as prices will crash another 10-20% and buyers will find it easier finding a pro-business liberal than finding a bank to give them a mortgage. 

Banks will tighten the noose on their underwriting guidelines so they don't suffer any write downs on bad loans as they are gonna need all the cash they can hoard to weather the storm that is Barry's second term!!!

Oil/Gas Prices

Despite the line that Barry tried to pull in the last debate - His policies have been devastating to the oil industry as he has reduced drilling permits to pander to the environmental wacko crowd. 

He loves and truly believes in the farce of green energy even though we are probably 10-20 years away from using it in the real economy.  Barry will continue to hump the green crap to the detriment of the oil/gas industry.

Effect on the Country - Gas prices will go up to the $5-6/gallon range and this will devastate the middle/low income Americans.  The green energy farce will continue as Barry and his minions will keep humping this dead-end instead of letting the private sector do it.

Barry and his socialists will say they are "investing" in the future.  Hopefully there will be a future after he destroys what is left of this once great country!!!

Summary of a Obama Second Term

Higher taxes for all, increased health care costs for every family, the real estate market suffering another crash, gas prices at an all-time high, the national debt speeding to over $20 Trillion and an overall malaise and depression (economic and emotional)  gripping the country with no end or solution in sight.

It is not a pretty picture but is the most accurate assessment you will find.  It is not based on speculation or ideology.  But rather just a continuation of his current policies that we have seen implemented to some extent or another over the past 4 years.

It is not a future that any American wants.  But if we don't work hard the next 2 weeks to make sure Mitt Romney gets elected, it could very well be our future.

If Mitt Romney wins the Presidency

Since we don't have a track record for Romney, we can't really know what he will do unlike Obama where we just projected 4 more years of his current policies over the next 4 years.  However, we know from his campaign, the debates and his plan on his website that he will:
  • Reduce taxes across the board = Economic stimulant
  • Repeal Obamacare  = Economic stimulant
  • Increase oil drilling = Economic stimulant
  • Implement smart tax reform = Economic stimulant
Now the specifics are not there so it is impossible to know the exact effect these changes will have on our economy, but I would venture to say that a successful businessman that has a proven track record of turning struggling entities around with a plan that includes a bunch a pro-growth, pro-business strategies is virtually assured to have a better impact on our economy than a liberal re-distributionist that has no record of success and 4 years of documented failure...

One of my favorite bumper sticker remains - In 2008 the country proved we weren't racists, in 2012, we have to prove we are not idiots!

Vote smart in 15 days my friends!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden - The Ultimate Political Hack!!

The Definition of a Hack!!
To my Conservative Friends:

After watching the VP debate last night, I have come to one incontrovertible fact - Joe Biden is the most shameless, opportunistic political hack of our lifetime!!

The man has no soul.  He will say anything and has absolute no respect for the office he holds and seeks.  Aside from the points Paul Ryan made or didn't make, the debate was unwatchable even for the most ardent political observers!!

The interruptions, the laughing, the smiling with those god awful dentures was as maddening as watching one of my daughter's soccer games!!!  You just want to stand up and scream!!!

Biden is a Clown
Now, I think Ryan missed many points to nail Hack-O-Joe to the wall, most specifically the lying about them not knowing anything about Benghazi.  However, I don't want to get bogged down in the weeds because I think for the election impact, this debate will have little to none.  But what will have an impact is that this debate will just make us conservatives fire-cracker mad at the absolute elitist contempt these lib-tards have for conservative ideas.

Biden was so arrogant and rude that any point Ryan made, he scoffed, smirked and outright laughed off as preposterous!!  Ryan could have said that he loves Obamacare and Joey-Plugs would have said  "My friend is crazy"!!  The man is incapable of an intelligent, rationale conversation about the dangerous issues this country faces.

And the "my friend" line was the most patronizing, demeaning line of the night and he repeated it about 30 times.  Ryan is not his friend.  Doesn't want to be his friend.  And leftists abhor any conservatives and Nut-case Joe showed it throughout the 90 minutes.  Here is a great video the RNC just put out.

Paul Ryan tried to be the adult in the room, but was prohibited by the 70 year old hack with the bad dentures.  The "debate" turned into a Jerry Springer type "talk-over" fest that just demeaned the office of the Vice-President. 
I asked the people in my office this morning - "Who could vote for these hacks?  Who could vote for a party and an ideology that so blatantly panders to the lowest common denominator in our society".  Just as I asked this question, some lady whom I've never met pops her head over her cubicle and says, "I vote for them because they have always given stuff to me".
Aaaaahhh, so there it is!!!  A lib finally admitted that the only reason people vote for this bankrupt party and their vapid ideology is because they give her free shit.  If only all lib-tards could be as honest, we would be better off. 
Instead, we have to sit and watch hacks like Joe Biden and Barry Hussein Obama pretend that they believe that their policies actually work despite overwhelming evidence that they have failed everywhere they have been tried and they have failed this country miserably over the past 4 years!!
So, the debate will be remembered not for addressing the grave concerns that we face, but for some old, washed up political hack pandering to every group he can think of and acting like an absolute ass-clown.    This guy will soon be looking for work and I think I know just the right one..
Just my thoughts...
GOP Mike

Monday, September 10, 2012

Election Run-Up 2012 - How it will go down...

To my Conservative Friends:


All my buddies are emailing/texting me that they are panicked that Barry is now up 3-4 points in the polls as of this morning.  I want to allay your fears and give you guys what is going to go down in the next 57 days...

So let's gaze into GOP Mike's crystal ball and allow yourself to think without panicking and not to  react the way the lib-hack media expects and counts on you acting...

Here is how I see it happening:

Today (Sept. 10-end of September)

Barry Hussein concludes his convention of misfit toys in Charlotte last week.  After 3 chock-full days of every union thug harping for an extra 300 days paid vacation and free health care till death, militant feminists screeching for free abortion pills and every minority group shamelessly present and accounted for with doggie-bag in hand looking for some Obama stash, we will have had our fill of the Lib-Tards!!!
When the filth settled in Charlotte, every self-respecting American must have hurled chunks into their Cheerios as the gavel brought the festivities to a welcomed close!!! 
In any event, now the Fraud-in-Chief is now is now app. 3-5 points up in the national polls and most of the country is asking WTF???
The Dim-Bulbs and their minions in the media will continue to pressure the polling companies to tweak, tug and tangle their polling methodology to show their Messiah in the best light. However, please note that although Barry may have stoked his pathetic, loser base, but he did nothing in that commie-filled, anti-American convention to sway one moderate, not to mention that any Republican that every paid a dollar in taxes was aghast at the collection of freaks and skells that skulked around that convention hall last week.
So, don't worry about the bounce that Barry is seeing today.  He may have ramped up his San Fran Freak and Manhattan Mutant tally, but the important voters in the swing states were not fooled by the fraud or the spectacle.
By the end of September, the race will be a dead heat in the polls with both candidates around the 46/47% number.

The month of October will be dominated by the debates and the race will get real interesting.  The saps in the media will try to ramp down expectations for Obummer so they can try to create the narrative that he over-performed and won the debates.  However, Romney will make Barry choke on his record of failure and throw back the promises that he made and failed to deliver on.
The public will see the debates as a net win for Romney as he shows himself to not only be a competent debater, but is seen as the adult in the room who can come home after the kids had a party and clean up the mess they made.
As an aside, Paul Ryan will actually take Joe Biden over his knee in the VP debate as Joe proves himself to be the buffoon that we all know and love him to be.

After the debates, I believe Romney/Ryan will enjoy a 1-3 point lead in the polls....

This will then set up a November to remember - Count on it!!!

So just relax and enjoy the greatest show in politics...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike

Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC Platform Circus!!!

Everyone must now realize by watching this train wreck in Charlotte called the Democratic National Convention that the Dims have no soul.  They have no core convictions and they have no morals whatsoever.

Case in point is their absolute debacle in taking out God from their platform and then scurrying to put it back in...

In case you missed it, the Dims finally showing their true colors, took out all mention of the word "God" from their platform and also stuck it up Israel's ass again by taking out the wording that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. 

Now, please note that I have no issue with them taking these items out because that's what they truly believe!! 

The look down on anyone who has God as a big part of their lives, they mock anything to do with church, high morals self responsibility, which is what the Bible teaches.  Remember when Obama said this about guns and religion:

So the Dumb-o-Craps taking out God was absolutely consistent with their beliefs and I finally applauded them for showing their true beliefs and not trying to pretend to be something they are not.

Aaahhh, but then they realized - "Oooohhhh Shit, we can't show the American people we abhor God and hate Israel!!!"  So they "decided" that the "technical oversight" had to be corrected and they needed to get 2/3 of the convention to agree to the change.  A change that most of the room did not want...

And then this happened on the floor of the convention:

Well, well, what an amazing glimpse into the inner mind of a liberal.  Complete abhorrence for God and Israel...

Now I could not care less what the platform for the Lib-Tards contains or does not contain.  But what the dim-bulbs did what finally show the American people what they truly believe.  And that's what I loved...  Show your true colors, tell the American people what you believe and stop the sham that is the DNC...

I don't know about you, but I can't take the Dim-bulbs anymore and tonight will be the coup-de-grace with the Messiah himself trying to pretend he loves this country and has not been an utter failure after 8%+ unemployment for 3+ yrs, record number on food stamps, housing prices down, etc...
I seriously doubt anyone with a 1/2 brain will see him for anything other than the abject failure that he is but it will be fun trying to see him convince us otherwise...
Just my thoughts...
GOP Mike

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Obama is Toast!!

Now that the Republicans have had their convention and Romney is up in the Polls despite the fact that the media and the polling organizations skew the polls to show NoBama still is up, I want to ease my conservative friends' fears (and I mean fears) that this fraud will win reelection...

Obama won the 2008 election with everything going his way.  And I mean everything.  An economic meltdown (caused by the libs...), an extremely weak, old opponent with no juice and a VP candidate that polarized many of the dim-witted voters who really don't pay attention.  A country that basically had enough of the Bush's and the one thing that many people don't like to discuss.  White guilt...
Yes, there were many people that gave Oblammer a shot because he promised to be a centrist that brought the country together despite the fact that this guy had absolutely no skills, no experience and I would not hire this guy to work for my small business!!!   You see lib-tards, the country is not a racist country.  I am not saying there are not racists, I am saying the country is full of good people that would hire and elect a black, a Latino, a Asian if we thought they could do the job effectively. 

All that said, the country gave him a shot and he got a lot of independents and a fair share of Republicans to vote for him...

Well, that is done!!!  The country is in no mood for making the same mistake twice.  The country is sick and tired of this economy, sick and tired of 8% ++ unemployment, sick and tired of this housing mess.  In fact, the country is sick and tired of Barack Hussein Obama, his party, his divisiveness and his lies... 

He is an absolute hack politician of the worse degree and the country knows it.  The jig is up and he and his ilk know it.

Yet, you will see this week that this guy and his pathetic party will be trying the same fear tactics, the same class warfare, the same tired old socialist policies that the majority of the country knows do NOT WORK!!!

Barry is out of tricks.  He doesn't seem so cool anymore and the country is wise to his bullshit...

Check out this great video that will be plastering the airwaves shortly in every swing state...

Wow!!!  If that doesn't tell you this guy has nothing left, I don't know what will...  This guy and his party are intellectually bankrupt with ideas and excuses.  Their phony "War on Women", class warfare and trying to Paint Romney and Ryan as extremists is a joke.  They have nothing to run on as his policies have been an abject failure and they know it.
Now, I don't pretend to love Mitt Romney and agree with everything he stands for.  But this guy has been a success everywhere he goes.  He's a technician, a problem solver and most of all, he's a winner that knows how to fix a mess.  This is what this guy has done his entire career and has been extremely successful in doing it!!
I have a few questions for my readers to ponder.
Since when do we have to hide our success in this country instead of celebrating it???
Since when do we want a loser to run our country instead of a winner???
Since when have we been this divided as a nation???
Since Barack Obama was elected...
Well, that changes in 63 days...  Book it!!!
Just my thoughts...
GOP Mike

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin Gives the Union Thugs the Bird!!!

That's right.  Wisconsin voters told Barry and his union thug patsies to stick it where the sun don't shine!!

Last night's HUGE victory, and I mean Huge, represents what I have been saying for months since I wrote the article in December 2011 ( when they were making absolute a-holes out of themselves asking the state government of Wisconsin to pay for their pensions, health care, their dog's grooming or whatever else these lib-tard, brain-dead schmucks want to ask for.

Well last night, the Wisconsin voters said enough is enough of this pathetic lack of reality that liberals possess.  We are broke people!!  There is no money anymore for union hacks and free crap for everyone.  Everyone must pay their own way because the gravy train stops here.

Rachel's got a new doo??
She's a handsome fella heh??
Ya know, last night after Gov. Walker won his recall election handily, I had to put on MSLSD and see what the lib-hacks were saying and how they are going to spin this one.  As expected, not a one of them including Ray Maddow, Lawrence O'DickBrain or even Ed Shitz could come up with anything better than the Republicans outspent us 7 to 1!!
That's the best ya got???

Let me tell ya something, if the unions actually counted all the money they poured in to this election in the past year and a half instead of counting that as their normal business expenses (i.e. shakedown stash), the Dum-o-cruds would have outspent Walker and all other outside groups 20 to 1!!  So let's just cut the crap and call this what it is.  An absolute ass-whoopin of epic proportions.

And why??  Because the voters are now waking up.  They are realizing that the liberal way is an absolute train wreck heading straight off a cliff..  What I don't understand is that there is still app. 40% of the country still on some sort of bong-induced haze that the Gub'ment can save us!!!

Remember the typical Obama voter still thinks like this woman:

Now the big question everyone wants to know is will this effect the November election.  Well, all I have to say is that I have a feeling that there are millions upon millions of people (a load of whom voted for Barry in '08) who can't wait till November to vote this impostor out of office with his free-loading wife in tow..  Wild horses, huge bouncers or even Ray Maddow could not keep us away from the polls to rectify the biggest mistake this country has ever made in it's 236 year history...

Just my thoughts,
GOP Mike