Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin Gives the Union Thugs the Bird!!!

That's right.  Wisconsin voters told Barry and his union thug patsies to stick it where the sun don't shine!!

Last night's HUGE victory, and I mean Huge, represents what I have been saying for months since I wrote the article in December 2011 ( when they were making absolute a-holes out of themselves asking the state government of Wisconsin to pay for their pensions, health care, their dog's grooming or whatever else these lib-tard, brain-dead schmucks want to ask for.

Well last night, the Wisconsin voters said enough is enough of this pathetic lack of reality that liberals possess.  We are broke people!!  There is no money anymore for union hacks and free crap for everyone.  Everyone must pay their own way because the gravy train stops here.

Rachel's got a new doo??
She's a handsome fella heh??
Ya know, last night after Gov. Walker won his recall election handily, I had to put on MSLSD and see what the lib-hacks were saying and how they are going to spin this one.  As expected, not a one of them including Ray Maddow, Lawrence O'DickBrain or even Ed Shitz could come up with anything better than the Republicans outspent us 7 to 1!!
That's the best ya got???

Let me tell ya something, if the unions actually counted all the money they poured in to this election in the past year and a half instead of counting that as their normal business expenses (i.e. shakedown stash), the Dum-o-cruds would have outspent Walker and all other outside groups 20 to 1!!  So let's just cut the crap and call this what it is.  An absolute ass-whoopin of epic proportions.

And why??  Because the voters are now waking up.  They are realizing that the liberal way is an absolute train wreck heading straight off a cliff..  What I don't understand is that there is still app. 40% of the country still on some sort of bong-induced haze that the Gub'ment can save us!!!

Remember the typical Obama voter still thinks like this woman:

Now the big question everyone wants to know is will this effect the November election.  Well, all I have to say is that I have a feeling that there are millions upon millions of people (a load of whom voted for Barry in '08) who can't wait till November to vote this impostor out of office with his free-loading wife in tow..  Wild horses, huge bouncers or even Ray Maddow could not keep us away from the polls to rectify the biggest mistake this country has ever made in it's 236 year history...

Just my thoughts,
GOP Mike