Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC Platform Circus!!!

Everyone must now realize by watching this train wreck in Charlotte called the Democratic National Convention that the Dims have no soul.  They have no core convictions and they have no morals whatsoever.

Case in point is their absolute debacle in taking out God from their platform and then scurrying to put it back in...

In case you missed it, the Dims finally showing their true colors, took out all mention of the word "God" from their platform and also stuck it up Israel's ass again by taking out the wording that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. 

Now, please note that I have no issue with them taking these items out because that's what they truly believe!! 

The look down on anyone who has God as a big part of their lives, they mock anything to do with church, high morals self responsibility, which is what the Bible teaches.  Remember when Obama said this about guns and religion:

So the Dumb-o-Craps taking out God was absolutely consistent with their beliefs and I finally applauded them for showing their true beliefs and not trying to pretend to be something they are not.

Aaahhh, but then they realized - "Oooohhhh Shit, we can't show the American people we abhor God and hate Israel!!!"  So they "decided" that the "technical oversight" had to be corrected and they needed to get 2/3 of the convention to agree to the change.  A change that most of the room did not want...

And then this happened on the floor of the convention:

Well, well, what an amazing glimpse into the inner mind of a liberal.  Complete abhorrence for God and Israel...

Now I could not care less what the platform for the Lib-Tards contains or does not contain.  But what the dim-bulbs did what finally show the American people what they truly believe.  And that's what I loved...  Show your true colors, tell the American people what you believe and stop the sham that is the DNC...

I don't know about you, but I can't take the Dim-bulbs anymore and tonight will be the coup-de-grace with the Messiah himself trying to pretend he loves this country and has not been an utter failure after 8%+ unemployment for 3+ yrs, record number on food stamps, housing prices down, etc...
I seriously doubt anyone with a 1/2 brain will see him for anything other than the abject failure that he is but it will be fun trying to see him convince us otherwise...
Just my thoughts...
GOP Mike


  1. The comments I hear from
    Democrats is ridiculous. The punch lines and puns are worn out. African Americans vote Obama for color, they sucker woman to vote by saying they don't have rights last I knew they do, they pass immigration laws right before election to get there vote treating Pedro like a dog, there trade policy is worst in history they make allies into enemies, and this whole blame game is a shame game. Democrats wake up and realize change does need give a new man 4 years and run with the iron fist united states America to get spending and economy under control have half a brain America. Another 4 years could cripple us. Bush was given a fallen apart economy Clinton money give away to people who couldn't afford the loans ruined economy. But most democrats don't actually follow politics only what tv shows. Really republicans are just for rich get a grip trickle down politics built this country and made it strong and this coming from someone making 30k a year at 28 years old. Pay your taxes we all should pay more to live in great country. Vote Romney or be prepared to give social security and medicare to welfare and food stamps. Obama care lol this guy pass anything for votes people pay attention and record numbers this year off set bad votes from people voting on social and racist reasons. Time for whitey to run country again and take us to promise land sorry you had your one chance time for real change Romney isn't bush and Obama isn't Clinton. Pay attention folks romeny could be only obvious choice sorry writer didn't mean to go off topic good article!!!

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