Monday, September 10, 2012

Election Run-Up 2012 - How it will go down...

To my Conservative Friends:


All my buddies are emailing/texting me that they are panicked that Barry is now up 3-4 points in the polls as of this morning.  I want to allay your fears and give you guys what is going to go down in the next 57 days...

So let's gaze into GOP Mike's crystal ball and allow yourself to think without panicking and not to  react the way the lib-hack media expects and counts on you acting...

Here is how I see it happening:

Today (Sept. 10-end of September)

Barry Hussein concludes his convention of misfit toys in Charlotte last week.  After 3 chock-full days of every union thug harping for an extra 300 days paid vacation and free health care till death, militant feminists screeching for free abortion pills and every minority group shamelessly present and accounted for with doggie-bag in hand looking for some Obama stash, we will have had our fill of the Lib-Tards!!!
When the filth settled in Charlotte, every self-respecting American must have hurled chunks into their Cheerios as the gavel brought the festivities to a welcomed close!!! 
In any event, now the Fraud-in-Chief is now is now app. 3-5 points up in the national polls and most of the country is asking WTF???
The Dim-Bulbs and their minions in the media will continue to pressure the polling companies to tweak, tug and tangle their polling methodology to show their Messiah in the best light. However, please note that although Barry may have stoked his pathetic, loser base, but he did nothing in that commie-filled, anti-American convention to sway one moderate, not to mention that any Republican that every paid a dollar in taxes was aghast at the collection of freaks and skells that skulked around that convention hall last week.
So, don't worry about the bounce that Barry is seeing today.  He may have ramped up his San Fran Freak and Manhattan Mutant tally, but the important voters in the swing states were not fooled by the fraud or the spectacle.
By the end of September, the race will be a dead heat in the polls with both candidates around the 46/47% number.

The month of October will be dominated by the debates and the race will get real interesting.  The saps in the media will try to ramp down expectations for Obummer so they can try to create the narrative that he over-performed and won the debates.  However, Romney will make Barry choke on his record of failure and throw back the promises that he made and failed to deliver on.
The public will see the debates as a net win for Romney as he shows himself to not only be a competent debater, but is seen as the adult in the room who can come home after the kids had a party and clean up the mess they made.
As an aside, Paul Ryan will actually take Joe Biden over his knee in the VP debate as Joe proves himself to be the buffoon that we all know and love him to be.

After the debates, I believe Romney/Ryan will enjoy a 1-3 point lead in the polls....

This will then set up a November to remember - Count on it!!!

So just relax and enjoy the greatest show in politics...

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike