Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Obama is Toast!!

Now that the Republicans have had their convention and Romney is up in the Polls despite the fact that the media and the polling organizations skew the polls to show NoBama still is up, I want to ease my conservative friends' fears (and I mean fears) that this fraud will win reelection...

Obama won the 2008 election with everything going his way.  And I mean everything.  An economic meltdown (caused by the libs...), an extremely weak, old opponent with no juice and a VP candidate that polarized many of the dim-witted voters who really don't pay attention.  A country that basically had enough of the Bush's and the one thing that many people don't like to discuss.  White guilt...
Yes, there were many people that gave Oblammer a shot because he promised to be a centrist that brought the country together despite the fact that this guy had absolutely no skills, no experience and I would not hire this guy to work for my small business!!!   You see lib-tards, the country is not a racist country.  I am not saying there are not racists, I am saying the country is full of good people that would hire and elect a black, a Latino, a Asian if we thought they could do the job effectively. 

All that said, the country gave him a shot and he got a lot of independents and a fair share of Republicans to vote for him...

Well, that is done!!!  The country is in no mood for making the same mistake twice.  The country is sick and tired of this economy, sick and tired of 8% ++ unemployment, sick and tired of this housing mess.  In fact, the country is sick and tired of Barack Hussein Obama, his party, his divisiveness and his lies... 

He is an absolute hack politician of the worse degree and the country knows it.  The jig is up and he and his ilk know it.

Yet, you will see this week that this guy and his pathetic party will be trying the same fear tactics, the same class warfare, the same tired old socialist policies that the majority of the country knows do NOT WORK!!!

Barry is out of tricks.  He doesn't seem so cool anymore and the country is wise to his bullshit...

Check out this great video that will be plastering the airwaves shortly in every swing state...

Wow!!!  If that doesn't tell you this guy has nothing left, I don't know what will...  This guy and his party are intellectually bankrupt with ideas and excuses.  Their phony "War on Women", class warfare and trying to Paint Romney and Ryan as extremists is a joke.  They have nothing to run on as his policies have been an abject failure and they know it.
Now, I don't pretend to love Mitt Romney and agree with everything he stands for.  But this guy has been a success everywhere he goes.  He's a technician, a problem solver and most of all, he's a winner that knows how to fix a mess.  This is what this guy has done his entire career and has been extremely successful in doing it!!
I have a few questions for my readers to ponder.
Since when do we have to hide our success in this country instead of celebrating it???
Since when do we want a loser to run our country instead of a winner???
Since when have we been this divided as a nation???
Since Barack Obama was elected...
Well, that changes in 63 days...  Book it!!!
Just my thoughts...
GOP Mike


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