Monday, October 22, 2012

Ideology aside, why Romney Must Win!!

To all my Conservative Friends:

I know my liberal friends (I have a few...) will read this post as just Mike being Mike and rooting for his team.  However, I have taken a real objective look at what will happen to the country if Obama is reelected.

Here is how I see it from a business owner, a citizen, a husband, a father and an American, no BS whatsoever here!!!

If Barry gets Reelected:

There is no doubt that the business community has no love for this President.  Business leaders from across all industries have openly said that they have been hesitant to hire, reluctant to spend and have an overall fear of this administrations policies, statements and attitude towards the business community. 
Who could ever forget Barry's speech where he went off-prompter and we saw a glimpse into his socialist mind about what he really thinks of business owners is this country.
Ok, all that aside, what will actually happen to health care, taxes, the real estate market and the overall economy is Barry is able to hood-wink 50% +1 of the country and cobble together 271 electoral votes to win reelection.
Overall, the economy will struggle mightily if Barry gets reelected.  Here is just a list of things that will happen if the unthinkable happens:


Barry will let taxes go up for everyone as he will let all the Bush tax rates expire and tax rates will go up for all tax brackets.  There will be no deal to raise only rates rates only on the rich since the GOP will control the house and increase their numbers on the Senate side and they will not allow it. 

So Barry will let the rates go up for everyone which is WHAT HIS GOAL WAS ALL ALONG!!
Effect on the Country - This will have a devastating impact on the economy as there will be much less disposable income for all Americans and businesses will have to trim down costs (payrolls) due to the sluggish consumer spending. 
Unemployment will rise to the 10% range again and this weak-ass recovery we have been seeing will come to a grinding halt as GDP will approach negative terrain. 
Barry won't care that this will shove the nation into recession as long as it enables him to implement his socialist agenda and transform the country into a western-european socialist haven.


This stellar legislation will be fully implemented as there will be nobody to stop it.  The SCOTUS abdicated it's responsibility on the unconstitutionality of the onerous legalisation and the newly reelected Obama will view this as full steam ahead to shove this widely unpopular bill down the throats of businesses across the country.

Effect on the Country - No fair-minded person I have ever spoken to (liberals included) have ever believed that by adding millions of people to the health care rolls and offering free health care will reduce costs. 

So health care costs will go up and go up pretty dramatically.  Yes, more people will be covered and preexisting conditions will be protected and kiddies can loaf in mommy's basement and stay on their plans till 26, however, someone has to pay for all this and it ain't gonna be the insurance companies. 

So premiums will go up as businesses in droves will drop health care coverages for its employees dumping millions into Obamacare!!!  Socialism LIVES!!

Real Estate Market

The market feeds on the economy and jobs.  And based on the above, those are going to suffer drastically under Obama II - The Sequel (Finishing the "Job")... 

So the real estate market will not flourish but will tank again under a second term from Barry...

Effect on the Country - So the real estate market will suffer another downturn as prices will crash another 10-20% and buyers will find it easier finding a pro-business liberal than finding a bank to give them a mortgage. 

Banks will tighten the noose on their underwriting guidelines so they don't suffer any write downs on bad loans as they are gonna need all the cash they can hoard to weather the storm that is Barry's second term!!!

Oil/Gas Prices

Despite the line that Barry tried to pull in the last debate - His policies have been devastating to the oil industry as he has reduced drilling permits to pander to the environmental wacko crowd. 

He loves and truly believes in the farce of green energy even though we are probably 10-20 years away from using it in the real economy.  Barry will continue to hump the green crap to the detriment of the oil/gas industry.

Effect on the Country - Gas prices will go up to the $5-6/gallon range and this will devastate the middle/low income Americans.  The green energy farce will continue as Barry and his minions will keep humping this dead-end instead of letting the private sector do it.

Barry and his socialists will say they are "investing" in the future.  Hopefully there will be a future after he destroys what is left of this once great country!!!

Summary of a Obama Second Term

Higher taxes for all, increased health care costs for every family, the real estate market suffering another crash, gas prices at an all-time high, the national debt speeding to over $20 Trillion and an overall malaise and depression (economic and emotional)  gripping the country with no end or solution in sight.

It is not a pretty picture but is the most accurate assessment you will find.  It is not based on speculation or ideology.  But rather just a continuation of his current policies that we have seen implemented to some extent or another over the past 4 years.

It is not a future that any American wants.  But if we don't work hard the next 2 weeks to make sure Mitt Romney gets elected, it could very well be our future.

If Mitt Romney wins the Presidency

Since we don't have a track record for Romney, we can't really know what he will do unlike Obama where we just projected 4 more years of his current policies over the next 4 years.  However, we know from his campaign, the debates and his plan on his website that he will:
  • Reduce taxes across the board = Economic stimulant
  • Repeal Obamacare  = Economic stimulant
  • Increase oil drilling = Economic stimulant
  • Implement smart tax reform = Economic stimulant
Now the specifics are not there so it is impossible to know the exact effect these changes will have on our economy, but I would venture to say that a successful businessman that has a proven track record of turning struggling entities around with a plan that includes a bunch a pro-growth, pro-business strategies is virtually assured to have a better impact on our economy than a liberal re-distributionist that has no record of success and 4 years of documented failure...

One of my favorite bumper sticker remains - In 2008 the country proved we weren't racists, in 2012, we have to prove we are not idiots!

Vote smart in 15 days my friends!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike 


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