Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden - The Ultimate Political Hack!!

The Definition of a Hack!!
To my Conservative Friends:

After watching the VP debate last night, I have come to one incontrovertible fact - Joe Biden is the most shameless, opportunistic political hack of our lifetime!!

The man has no soul.  He will say anything and has absolute no respect for the office he holds and seeks.  Aside from the points Paul Ryan made or didn't make, the debate was unwatchable even for the most ardent political observers!!

The interruptions, the laughing, the smiling with those god awful dentures was as maddening as watching one of my daughter's soccer games!!!  You just want to stand up and scream!!!

Biden is a Clown
Now, I think Ryan missed many points to nail Hack-O-Joe to the wall, most specifically the lying about them not knowing anything about Benghazi.  However, I don't want to get bogged down in the weeds because I think for the election impact, this debate will have little to none.  But what will have an impact is that this debate will just make us conservatives fire-cracker mad at the absolute elitist contempt these lib-tards have for conservative ideas.

Biden was so arrogant and rude that any point Ryan made, he scoffed, smirked and outright laughed off as preposterous!!  Ryan could have said that he loves Obamacare and Joey-Plugs would have said  "My friend is crazy"!!  The man is incapable of an intelligent, rationale conversation about the dangerous issues this country faces.

And the "my friend" line was the most patronizing, demeaning line of the night and he repeated it about 30 times.  Ryan is not his friend.  Doesn't want to be his friend.  And leftists abhor any conservatives and Nut-case Joe showed it throughout the 90 minutes.  Here is a great video the RNC just put out.

Paul Ryan tried to be the adult in the room, but was prohibited by the 70 year old hack with the bad dentures.  The "debate" turned into a Jerry Springer type "talk-over" fest that just demeaned the office of the Vice-President. 
I asked the people in my office this morning - "Who could vote for these hacks?  Who could vote for a party and an ideology that so blatantly panders to the lowest common denominator in our society".  Just as I asked this question, some lady whom I've never met pops her head over her cubicle and says, "I vote for them because they have always given stuff to me".
Aaaaahhh, so there it is!!!  A lib finally admitted that the only reason people vote for this bankrupt party and their vapid ideology is because they give her free shit.  If only all lib-tards could be as honest, we would be better off. 
Instead, we have to sit and watch hacks like Joe Biden and Barry Hussein Obama pretend that they believe that their policies actually work despite overwhelming evidence that they have failed everywhere they have been tried and they have failed this country miserably over the past 4 years!!
So, the debate will be remembered not for addressing the grave concerns that we face, but for some old, washed up political hack pandering to every group he can think of and acting like an absolute ass-clown.    This guy will soon be looking for work and I think I know just the right one..
Just my thoughts...
GOP Mike


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