Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Last Debate and those Clueless Undecideds!!

Pathetic Undecided Fence-Sitters!
To my Conservative Friends:

The 3rd debate was pretty boring as it only had a few memorable moments but Romney more than held his own and had a few good shots.  The debate will not move the needle at all as that was set after the first debate which was a Romney knockout. 

The Governor will probably go into election day with a slight lead (1-3 points) and he will improve on that in the actual election to the 5 point win I have predicted all along...

I, for one will be thankful these debates are over!!! I have had it with the pandering to the ohhh, soo wishy washey John and Jane Undecided voter with their uniformed comments and their dials they turn when they hear some get-along crap that sounds so nice-e-nice!!!

Typical Undecided Voter
I mean c'mon people if you are undecided at this point you have your head up your ass...

These two candidates are diametrically opposed on just about every issue there is. So how can any person who is remotely paying attention at all be undecided at this point? 

Either you are for the individual or the state. You are for limited government and self-responsibility or you are for the nanny state Ala western-Europe/Greece. You can't be both. You are either one or the other.

So for these people to claim they are undecided after watching Mao-bama for 4 years and watching the pro-business Romney are either just plain dumb or they just like the attention of the media and candidates who fawn over them like Manhattan libs treat their kids...

And the networks love to put these undecideds in a room to watch these debates and gauge their reactions.  The uber lib-hacks at CBS, Sarah O'Donnell and Charlie Rose reacted to a group of undecided Ohio voters who saw things a little differently than the hacks in the lame-stream media.  Check it out here, it is priceless:

They both looked like their puppy just died.  I mean these people are so blinded by their love for their Messiah than they can not comprehend why everyone just doesn't fall to their knees at the site of Obummer's idiot-prompter!!

Ya see the lib-hacks in the media aren't even trying to even appear to not be rooting for their chosen one this time around.  They are so invested emotionally and professionally in this guy that they never take a minute to ask the question - "Has this Presidency been an utter failure???".

They have given up all journalistic ethics and have basically said, "we don't give a rat's ass, we are libs and we don't care who knows it!".

Oh how great it will be two weeks from now watching them try to rationalize how their liberal world has just come crumbling down around them as America hits the eject button on the social experiment that was Barry Hussein Obama!!!

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike



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