Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GOP Mike's Election Post Mortem - Assessing the Carnage...

To my Conservative Friends:

I sat in front of my computer last night and started this post.  I clicked on "New Post", started, stopped and started again... 

I froze after just 3 words and stared into a blank wall saying to myself, "What could I possibly write?"  What do I say to everyone who, like me, had such great hopes for this election.  What do I say to the people who felt, like me, that we needed Mitt Romney to win because we sincerely felt our country, our businesses, our families so desperately needed him to win.

I realized that this article is going to be the hardest article I have ever written just minutes after 57 million people that voted for a chance at a real recovery were just kicked right in the gut.  We have been struggling for so long watching this President demonize us, divide us and push his socialist policies that we knew were like a cancer to a healthy economy...

I was stunned.  I was sad, and most importantly I was scared of what this means to our country and leaves us lovers of freedom and liberty asking "Where do we go from here??"  There was never any thought of a contingency plan.  There was no thinking that this President, that has so utterly failed in every objective metric, could possibly be reelected...

I was wrong.  I was too optimistic.  I gave the country too much credit for understanding what was at stake.  I falsely believed that a majority of this country understands that freedom was on the ballot yesterday.  Freedom is what was offered by Mitt Romney.  Obama and his ilk understood more than all of us that in the choice between freedom and stuff, a majority of the sheeple will choose the stuff every time. 

As Rush said today, it is hard to run against Santa Claus.  Especially if you have to be Santa Claus.  Ya see the democrats appeal to the lowest common denominator of the masses.  They know its easier to just be Santa Claus and get votes than to make the hard argument that because Santa is broke, we may have to scale back Christmas a bit this year!  It will be tough in the short-term, but it is the best thing for us in the long-term.

Us conservatives feel that as long as we explain the economic realities to the people that they will understand that we can not mortgage our children's future.  We can not continue with trillion+ deficits and continue to exist.  We can not put our heads in the sand and ignore the reality that if we don't fix this now, it will be fixed for us.  And that will be very ugly!! 

We make that argument and feel that most people will get it and vote for freedom.  They then go behind the curtain and pull the shiny lever labeled "FREE STUFF FROM SANTA OBAMA"..

Obama and his crew know that by dividing and demonizing the successful people in our country it creates a resentment among the low and middle income people so they feel "Yeah - Screw those rich assholes - MAKE 'EM PAY!!!"

Us conservatives know that is a bankrupt argument.  That if you tax the pants out of every high earner, you can run the government for 2 months at best.  We also know that these people are the job creators, the investors, the engine of a growing economy and we NEED them to be successful...  Us conservatives know that we should never demonize success, but rather celebrate it and emulate it so you can be a success too. 

We make that argument day after day and feel most people get it and will vote celebrate rather than demonize.  They then go behind that curtain and are so filled with jealousy and resentment, they grab that demonization lever and pull down with a sick vengeance and feeling of gratification that they got their pound of flesh.

So that is why we are sitting here today looking at another 4 years of a President Obama.  That is why we are sad today that will will not see how a President Romney will go about healing this economy and getting us a real recovery.  I believe Mitt Romney had a chance to be a great President.  He is a good and decent man with many skills he would have brought to bear to lead this country from the depths of despair we find ourselves today.

Instead we will get more division, more spending and more deficits.  The stock market reacted by tanking 330 today.  How will employers react to Obamacare being fully implemented now??  How will the real estate market react to an economy with high unemployment and a falling dollar.  I can't imagine this will be easy times ahead for our country.

I can only hope that we can make it through so we have the opportunity to restore our freedom, regain our liberties and make the argument that our case is the best subscription for our country.  We must make that case

We must not cower to those who say we have to compromise our principles and sell out to those who go along to get along.  Our case is the case made by our founders.  Our case is the one outlined in the constitution.  Our case will prevail.  It must prevail if we are to remain the greatest country ever created.  In time, it will.

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike


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  2. Mike - it's 'We' conservatives, not 'Us' conservatives. Mark my words - you will lose readers because many see grammar as a bellwether of intellect. As soon as you say 'Us' my mind says to myself ... self ... if he doesn't understand the subject and object of a verb, can he possibly understand the Constitution?

    Please correct, and feel free of course to delete this. It's offered with respect and wishes for success.


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