Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Delusional Tray-Von Mob is Maddening!!

To my Conservative Friends:

I have watched this trial from the very beginning to the bitter end and then some including the absolute brain-dead, no-information ass-clown talking heads who have no clue as to the details of the trial.

Either they have no brain or they are so deluded with the race-hustling, Occupy Schmuck Street crowd that they can't comprehend basic, simple facts a freaking 3rd grader can understand.

My favorite comment I am hearing from every left-wing Dumb-O-Crat and Holly-Weird shit-head is "Zimmerman killed an unarmed teenager that did nothing wrong"...

"Angel" Tray-Von

Hey Loons - Ya wanna know what Tray-Von was doing that got him killed???  It's called FELONY ASSAULT!!

He savagely and repeatedly beat George Zimmerman's head on the sidewalk after cold-cocking him and breaking his nose.  However, the low-information idiots actually want everyone to believe that this was no big deal and did not justify George from defending himself. 

And from the evidence we all know that was withheld from the jury about Tray-Von's past, we know he was no model citizen.  The pot smoking, 3 school suspensions, the thefts...  What good kid does all this stuff.  Not my kids, not my kids' friends.  Only thugs...  So, it really is no secret as to why this "kid" attacked Zimmerman instead of continuing to his father's condo where he would have been safe...

But the left wants no part of the facts of the case or the facts of who this "kid" really was.  Did they hear the wicked screams??  Did they listen to the mountain of evidence that is was Zimmerman's voice screaming for help?  Did they see the injuries??  Did they listen to the eye witnesses??? 

Race Hustler-in-Chief Stokes the Race Flames
I think they did, but they are either so stupid they can't understand it or they simply don't care about facts and reason because it DOES NOT FIT THEIR NARRATIVE AND RACE-BAITING AGENDA!!

Quite frankly I am so sick of the dim-bulbs hijacking this simple, straight-forward self-defense case as the "Race case of the century".  If the loony left race-hustlers don't have a bogeyman to rail against they become irrelevant.  So they grabbed this case and are riding it for all they are worth...

Now they are even pushing for the ultimate race hustler Eric Holder and the DOJ to file a federal civil rights case against Zimmerman!  The insanity has to stop!!

However, it is just proving the left to be the soul-less pathetic excuses for humans that they are...

This great union may be lost for good if we allow them to continually get away with this crap???

Just my thoughts...

GOP Mike