Friday, February 13, 2015

Should the GOP & Barry Work Together??

Thought you would enjoy my son's history essay on this topic...

Warms my heart to see that 17 years of listening to me has paid off!!

Presidential Leadership Symposium – Essay


Can the White House and the President “work together” in the next year to overcome the divided government that has gripped the country for most of Barack Obama’s Presidency?

Since the landslide victories the GOP enjoyed in last year’s mid-term elections, the Republican-led House of Representatives and the now Republican-controlled Senate enjoy their largest majorities in Congress since the 1920’s. 

But instead of seeing this as a repudiation of his liberal tax and spend policies, Barack Obama and his partners in congress (Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi)  have seemed to ignore the people’s voice, double-down and further embrace their far-left policies that the American people loudly rejected at the ballot boxes last fall..

The Republican-led congress and the White House have significantly different viewpoints on how to address the issues facing the United States in 2015.  In 2008, Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally change the country” when he campaigned to be the 44th President of these United States.

Well, 6 years in and he has taken the constitution and used it to play pin the tail on the donkey as he has randomly decided which laws he would like to enforce and which laws he deems “inconvenient” when trying to implement his fundamental change and social justice he and his liberal partners desire.

What are the Republicans suppose to do when the President has rejected their suggestions, threatened vetoes and basically ignore any dissenting viewpoint that has been proposed?  Are they supposed to ignore the people’s voice and abandon their principles just for the cause of “accomplishing” something?  I think not.

In the 1700’s, our founding fathers created a masterfully brilliant document called the “Constitution of the United States”.  And the cornerstone of that document was the premise of “Checks and Balances” whereas the Federal Government would be divided into 3 separate, yet equal branches of government to assure not one of the branches gains too much power over the others.

The overriding goal was to assure the federal government never become too powerful.  That it’s power be “Limited” and the majority of the power to govern remain with the people and the states. 
In recent history, federal power (especially the Executive branch) has grown exponentially while state and local governments have been significantly diminished as the federal nanny state has grown to the point where it has spent way beyond it’s means, forces citizens to purchase “insurance”, unilaterally grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants among other unconstitutional and far-reaching power-hungry actions.

In summary, “divided government” is not a bad thing.  In fact, it is one of the guiding principles that the country was founded on and made us the greatest country ever created on this earth. 

The premise of “working together” to pass more laws and impose more taxes and regulations on an already beaten down American public from a power-hungry federal government is a good thing is just plain wrong and goes against everything we were founded on.

Our founding fathers, our constitution and the American people have said that enough is enough.  They don’t want the government to “work together” as this topic question imposes and the media would have you believe is what we want.

Perhaps the American people got it right last fall when their votes loudly suggested they should not work together but be divided so they “stop accomplishing” anything because by doing nothing could be the best outcome we could hope for.  I am sure our founding fathers would agree.