Thursday, August 6, 2015

Can Trump Really Win??

If you have ever read this blog, you know I am a political junkie.  I love politics and watch and read everything about it.  And now with the Presidential election and the "Trump Tornado" streaking across the nation like Superman trying to reverse time, I am being inundated with conservatives calling, texting & emailing me in a lather stricken with the "Trump Fascination Syndrome".

And everyone of them asks me in the same enthusiastic whisper, "Hey Mike,  Whatta ya think about Trump?"  And before I am able to muster a coherent response, they immediately follow up with the question, "Do you think he can he do it?"

Their tone almost gushing in excitement and hope that I don't dash their enthusiasm with the typical political pundit brush-off to dismiss the Donald's chances with responses that they have heard like "clown" & "side-show" among other responses from the lib-tard media when asked about the potential of a Trump Presidency.

So, the answer to the question, "Can he do it?" is best answered with my response, "You bet your ASS he can do it!"

Why do I feel this way you ask?  Well, in all the years I have been following Presidential politics, reading hundreds and hundreds of articles & books and combing through thousands upon thousands of comments from fellow conservatives and democrats alike that are disgusting with the sewer their party has become, I have NEVER seen people more angry with the state of the nation than they are today!

They are angry we are saddled with a President that has no regard for the rule of law or our constitution.  They are angry than instead of having the first black President improve race relations and bring us together, we have suffered through 7 years with a Presidential race-hustling, community-agitator that is basically Al Sharpton in a better suit. 

And I continue that in addition to the disgust we have for Barry Obumbles, people are fed up with the milk-toast Republican party that is either too afraid or incapable of calling this fraud out for who he is.  The same-old, same-old moderate republican that wants to appease the independents!  Look where that has gotten us!

These type of go-along to get-along politicians have been as disastrous for this country as the marxist and his gang of political hacks that occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  And the people have had enough.  So much so that they are begging and starving for someone to come along to say it like it is without and PC gag-filter that has muzzled any attempt at true leadership in the Republican party for far too long.

So if you combine the visceral disgust & fed-up attitude that most conservatives have pent-up after 7 years of watching borderline treason at the highest levels of government and the unvarnished non-pc say whatever you feel Donald, you have recipe for people to eat up what the Donald has been saying with a spoon.

He is hitting a nerve with people that is unprecedented.  He is reaching an itch we have not be able to scratch for 7 loooong years!  And it feels sooo good to hear someone with a chance to end this national nightmare say the things that we all are feeling.

Someone to finally say we are losing this country to illegal immigrants.  We are losing this country to run-away government waste. We are getting our clocks cleaned by the Chinese on trade and nobody is doing anything about it damnit!

And when we hear someone who is not afraid of anyone to articulate these points call out Obama as the abject failure that he has been for this country, it is so refreshing and exciting that he is absolutely blistering his competition.

So, when I am asked if Trump can win, I ask them to imagine plucking Barry out of the oval office and plopping the Donald in the chair.  Trump would immediately be responsible for negotiating our trade deals, formulating the Iran nuclear deal and manage the debt/economy.  I then ask them, "Do you think we would be better off with Donald at the helm instead of Obama?"  The immediate honest answer is "Absolutely!"

And as more and more people contemplate that fact, I think the Donald will attract more and more Americans that will honestly say that we need someone like Trump.  We need someone to lead.   Someone not afraid to lead, not afraid of offending anyone.  We don't need another politician to make some minor adjustments here, a tweak there.  We need someone to stop the runaway train.  Turn it around and start the road back to when America was great.  And there are more and more people everyday thinking Trump can be that guy.

So yeah.  Although I would not bet my savings on a Trump Presidency, I sure won't be betting against it! But there is one thing you can be certain of - It's gonna be an amazing ride to see if he can pull it off!  Enjoy the debate!

Just my thoughts,
GOP Mike