Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trump Makes Liberal Heads Explode!

We all remember a famous unabashed liberal commentator in 2008 say that Barry Hussein Obama speeches gave him "tingles up his leg".  It's amazing to see when a vacuous, unqualified, unaccomplished socialist speaks of "fundamentally transforming" the greatest nation on earth, the lib-rags gush with glee...

Nothing sadder than a white, liberal man bash his own race, gender and country...  Real pathetic.  But I digress....

So, we fast-forward to see how the 2015 Trump Presidential Campaign is effecting our low-information, dim-witted friends on the left/wrong side of history.  The Donald has them in an all-out frenzy after every sound-bite!  Everything he says "offends" them and has them running to their "safe-spaces" so they can "heal" from the comments Trump makes to put America first, keep Americans safe and secure our borders to make America Great again...

I can assure you they have no tingles up their legs.  Instead, they have foam coming from their mouths and steam from the vapid heads as they declare every utterance from the Donald as racist, xenophobic and offensive.  I sit and watch everyday just waiting for their heads to explode as they predict that surely this is the end of the Donald or they predict he will now tank in the polls as they expect us Americans to quiver and shun what he says...

But an interesting thing happened on the way to our safe-zones.  He gets more and more support, goes higher and higher in the polls, and more and more so called "experts" think he can be the next President to bring this country back from the abyss that Barry Odumbles and his goose-stepping lib-hacks have thrust us into.

Could it possibly be that a majority of us actually agree with Donald??  Aghast and amazed as the lib-tards and lame-stream "journalists" may be, it is true.  We conservatives agree with him on almost all his ideas.  Specifically:

  • Yes, we agree that a temporary ban on Muslims is a good idea because we fall on the side of Keeping AMERICANS Safe rather than pathetically pandering to the same group of people that hate us and quietly cheer every time a murderous islamic terrorist kills innocent people.
  • Yes, we agree with him that Securing the Border and cutting off funds/aid to illegal immigrants is the right thing to do so we can use those resources on AMERICANS in need and immigrants who come to this country legally!
  • Yes, we agree with him that signing bad trade and arms deals where our incompetent leaders give away the store without getting the smallest accommodations (like getting our hostages released) is the epitome of failed leaders who have no clue how to lead.
  • Yes, we agree with him that we should enforce the laws we have on the books instead of circumventing the constitution at every chance the administration feels like it.
  • Yes, we believe that our 2nd Amendment is one of the most important things that makes this country great and the best defense against a killer/terrorist with a gun is an law-abiding, tax-paying American with a gun!
And most importantly, unlike almost every self-loathing dim-bulb and left-wing hack we have in this country, Trump supporters LOVE this country and believe that it is the greatest country on the face of the earth!!

Nobody is saying it is perfect, but the United States of America is Exceptional.  It is unparalleled in it's freedom and liberties the Constitution grants it's citizens.  It should be celebrated and commended at every turn for the great things we do for the world.  It should not be apologized for, bashed, put down like our current president does at every opportunity.  

Trump will never apologize for America.  He will never bash it or it's great citizens.  He will  celebrate it and has only one goal - To Make America great again before it was hijacked by the left -wing and it's Trojan horse leader that has succeeded in transforming this once great nation into something our grandparents would not recognize.

The greatest generation sacrificed so much for us to live in freedom with the liberty and justice for all.  Today's generation can't listen to an opposing viewpoint without feeling "offended" and has sacrificed nothing but demands everything.  Simply pathetic and unacceptable.

We must stop this run away train and conservatives know that just another republican will not do.  The time for tweaking and half measures is passed.  We need a wrecking ball to the whole apparatus.  We need someone not afraid to strip this out-of control government bare and restore some sanity to this world.

And although we may not agree with everything the Donald says, we feel he is the only one with the balls and backbone to handle the job.  

We are tired of the lies.  We are tired of the incompetence.  We are tired of the w and fraud.  We are tired of the political correctness.  Simply, we are tired of the bull-shit!  This is what the left and the media don't get.

And that is why Trump will win.  And man will it be great to see the lib-tard heads explode when he does!

Just my thoughts,
GOP Mike