Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GOP Mike's Super Tuesday II Predictions

OK guys.  Tonight can be the election.  Here is how I see it.

Lib-Tards - This has been over since they started.  This morally bankrupt, corrupt political-hack party had this election rigged for Cankles since Bernie drooled on his first campaign speech last April. 

The fact that Debbie Blabber-Mouth Schultz (head of the DNC) has threatened every super-delegate with death (or worse for democrats, work) if they did not support her lying, despicable, criminal friend Shrillary has meant that Cankles has secured the nomination even if she never utters another lie, panders to another minority or dons another hideous pants-suit at a podium.

Bernie supporters are the biggest suckers ever created.  They actually believed the DNC would let their communist idol a chance at the nomination is almost as laughable as free college tuition for every American!

So, the vote totals tonight are irrelevant for the Dunce-o-Crats.  Even if the communist wins every state tonight, her Thigh-Ness will still clobber the dunce in delegates and continue her skulk towards her coronation as leader of the dim-bulbs!

Amazing how stupid these college kids and the media are to have ever believed he ever had a chance.  He was merely a shill to create a show that the skank fought a "tough" fight and came out a winner.  Never amazes me how pathetic & dim-witted the libs are.  Suckers! 

However, we have some nice parting gifts for all of you.  A comb for Bernie and since all his supporters LOVE Free shit, here's some free advice:

Get to freakin' work you lazy Ass-Clowns! 
Nobody's gonna give you shit until you EARN it!

Republicans - Ok, I believe Trump will have a good night.  I think he could have a great night and wrap up the nomination if he can sweep all the 5 states. 

However, I believe the establishment's last hopes are to have the sitting popular Governor Kasich win his home state and stave off the nomination coronation. 

Pretty pathetic when you think that Kasich winning his FIRST state will be spun as a Trump setback, but anything to stop Trump will be latched onto like death's grim!

So, here's how I see the vote totals going tonight:

Florida - Trump by 12
NC - Trump by 5
IL - Trump by 6
MO - Trump by 8
Ohio - Kasich by 6

I hope I am wrong on Ohio, but I think the entire Republican Establishment Universe is attempting to rig the vote for Kasich in Ohio.  Because if they don't stop Trump tonight, their world is over.  Their party is crashed and their gravy-train at the expense of the American Taxpayers could be derailed as the Trump-Train will steam-roll them into obscurity!

I sure hope that happens!

Just my Thoughts.
GOP Mike


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