Monday, February 19, 2018

I have had it with the LUNACY!!

To my Conservative Friends:

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, there is an immediate shout-down and shaming of anyone who doesn't fall in line and say we should immediately pass sweeping new "Gun-Control Laws and Restrictions".

So, I wanted to write this to give you all some ammunition to fight back against the uninformed masses who want to feel woke and noble in the recent 'gun-grab' hysteria.

Ask people - How many people in this country have ACTUALLY read and UNDERSTAND the purpose of our 2nd Amendment??

Try reading the whole thing and understand why it was written. It is ONE sentence but Critically IMPORTANT to our liberty!

It wasn't written so we can hunt!  It wasn't written so we can fight off a burglar.  And it wasn't written to defend against a home-invasion.

It was written to preserve our right to form a MILITIA to fight back against a tyrannical government.

I know you are saying that this is not a likely scenario, but it is essential element of our freedom and liberty and the founding fathers knew it was critical to keep government in check.

Remember - The first thing every dictator or corrupt ruling despot does is collect the guns or actively push disarming the citizens to make them more complicit and less likely to fight back against onerous or oppressive public policies.  In effect, they seek to make the people sheep...

So, we may not need to use our right to form a militia to fight back against our government anytime soon.  It may not be needed today, tomorrow, next week or next year.  Heck, it may not be needed for the next 100 years.

But that one day when it will be needed, we will thank GOD that it is there and we have preserved our rights to defend ourselves, form our own militia/military and preserve our freedoms.

Benjamin Franklin famously said "We now have a Republic, if we can KEEP it".

So don't be so quick to give your rights away!! Once you forfeit your rights to the government, what are the odds you will EVER get them back??

Let me help you with that  - ZERO!

There are numerous reasons why these shootings are happening and we should address them all (respect for life, over-medicating our youth, social-media destroying our children, soft/gun-free targets, toxic, hateful media, and much more...).

Let's address these REAL reasons rather than blaming the instrument used to kill and we can then avoid the pathetic, expected, uninformed knee-jerk reaction to HAND over our guns, our rights and OUR FREEDOMS to the government just so people can feel noble and woke at their work places, PTA meetings & coffee shops...

And all I hear is "BAN THIS", RESTRICT THAT" by people who have NEVER read and are so uninformed of the reasons why we have the 2nd amendment.  And sadly, they are using children as props to advance a political agenda.

I hear people all the time crap on the 2nd amendment as 'outdated' and 'not relevant anymore" because weapons are much more advanced and no way could a regiment of "Rag-Tag Fake-Soldiers" defend ourselves against 'military-style weaponry".

I say to these people:

Do you realize that our rag-tag militia of, as they say, "regiment of fake soldiers" basically defeated the advance weaponry of the British in the Revolutionary War and won our Independence?

So, you have the right to poo-poo a rag-tag militia, but you can thank those fake soldiers that fought, died and won your freedom to have the right to denigrate them.

Don't be ignorant of  our history and founding.

Hitler and Hirohito both said during WW2 that they could NEVER invade the American mainland and hoped they could be defeated without an invasion because "Behind every blade of grass, there is an American with a firearm defending their land and their home".  Let that sink in for a minute...

Now, ask your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to do us all a favor before they spout their woke, PC narrative that the media, academia and Hollywood phonies have spoon-fed them for years and is now at a fevered-pitch - Please educate yourselves on our history, our founding and the purpose of our 2nd Amendment and our Constitution before we RUSH to BAN GUNS and hand over our 2nd Amendment rights that IS the cornerstone of our freedoms and liberties.

The 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting and shooting! It is about our inherent right to self-preservation and protection of our unalienable rights to exist and determine our own destiny.

It was written and defended by men much smarter and braver than most of us.  Celebrate that before you jump on board the PC bandwagon and start handing over our rights and freedoms to the government just so you can feel accepted by the masses or just because you don't feel like debating the topic that is at the core of our freedoms.

Remember, Freedom is hard.  Freedom needs to be defended.  Freedom needs to constantly be the center of every decision we make as a people or we slowly let it slip away until we lose it.

So embrace Freedom.  Defend it, fight for it.  Be a Champion for it.  It is what makes us great.

Just my Thoughts.

GOP Mike


  1. man, it's gonna rule in 5 years when your generation is dead and we will never have to read your insane screeds again

    1. Your response speaks volumes about you, DUDE!!

      Try reading some history instead of watching Colbert for your information.

    2. Just another Real Blogger passing thru!
      Dick Gaines aka: Gunny G

    3. Ahhh, gutless wonder, anonymous. I have a pretty good idea of who, in my proximity, defends and who castigates the 2nd amendment. And the latter will be on their own when the time comes. And it is comings. I have a 3-part questions I like to ask morons like you and it goes something like this:
      1) What was the purpose of the 2nd amendment when it was originally written? And, if you can, answer the question within the context of the time it was written. Yeah, that mean you might have to do a little reading. I'll be good for you.
      2) What is the purpose of the 2nd amendment today? I urge you not to answer this question until you've read question 3 which is...
      3) Why is there a difference? I had one complete imbecile running for public office actually tell me, after a painfully long silence, that we don't need the 2nd amendment because society is more mature and less violent. The laughter in the room was deafening. It was good to see so many people capable of comparing the tyranny imposed by the Brits and the tyranny imposed by BHO which is finally being exposed. Read some of the CDC studies on violence in the classroom. It’s unprecedented and the so-called experts have no idea what to do about it, other than to defer attention to gun control. Think about the fact that children - CHILDREN!!! - are being told that it's OK to kill what they, only a few years earlier, were themselves, by literally ripping them apart limb by limb with no anesthesia or burning them with chemicals. Look up the procedure for late term abortion (aka partial birth abortion) and try to figure out why they have to be sure the head of the baby is still inside the mother's uterus before they pierce the back of the skull and suction the brains out. If I had your demented mentality, I'd be screaming for the ban of scalpels and other tools used by abortionist murderers. But unlike you, I know that would have no effect on the holocaust. The country is broken, wretched little man, and you’ve contributed to it.

  2. Anyone who messes with my right to arm bears is going to have to take my Daisy from my cold dead hands.

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